Chinese Rat Horoscope

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The year of the Ox would not be a great period for Rat people. They would not be able to reach their goals and ambitions in life. Hitherto their wits and cunning nature would have kept them from going. But this year, they are in for troubles. There would be worries and anxieties in their lives. Rat personalities ought to understand that only hard work like the Ox would bring them success in life and there are no shortcuts. Patience and hard work would be the key for Rat people for this year of the Ox.


Rat people are asked to be cautious in their career or business during the year of the Ox. Particularly hard work and commitment would be asked for. All sorts of hindrances would mar your prospects in career this period. Natives need to resort to find new ways to improve or hone their skills and talents to go up the professional ladder. Those pursuing business would find major changes coming their way. A total revamp of the working plan would save you from tough times ahead. Be wary of joint ventures in career these days. A generally stable year in career for Rat folks.


The year of the Ox asks for thrifty pursuits from the Rat natives. This is not a time for indulgences of sorts as the rats need to be aware of sudden unwanted expenditure. Some of your high-value purchases on the cards are to be taken to a later date. However around mid-year there would be a financial sunshine. Hard work and much effort would regulate your financial inflows for the year.


Love and marriage would be favourable for Rat people during the year of the Ox. There would be much romance and joy in this area. The single ones would find their love and existing relationships would be quite good all this year. Couples tying the knot during the year of the Ox would have a lifelong commitment. Quite a lucky time for love, as no hardships are found around.


Rat guys are in for good health and cheer all through this year of the Ox. Your energy levels would be high. Those with chronic issues would see some betterment these days. This would be a good time to let go off of some of your bad habits like smoking or drinking or over-indulging in food.