2020 - Chinese Year Of The Rat

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The Chinese New Year in 2020 is on the 25th of January which is a Saturday. This Chinese year belongs to the Metal Rat and it lasts till February 11, 2021. Rat is the first animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle.

The Years of the Rat are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032... The previous Rat year was 2008 while the next Rat year is in 2032.

Lucky Signs for People Born in Rat Year

Lucky Numbers : 2, 3

Lucky Colors : gold, blue, green

Lucky Flowers : lily, African violet, lily of the valley

Lucky Directions : southeast, northeast

Unlucky Signs for those born in the Rat Year

Unlucky Numbers : 5, 9

Unlucky Colors : yellow, brown

Unlucky Direction : west

Forecast for the Rat Year

This year of the Rat would help all the Chinese animal sign natives to bring their creative talents to the fore. Many of your desires and ambitions in life would materialize through the course of the year. You would have the confidence and power to alter your life course and bring about positive changes. This is one of the main focus for the year and can be used to initiate things that have been long put in the back burner.

Personality and characteristics of Rat personalities

The Rat is the first animal sign of the Chinese zodiac and hence it is a great honour to be born as a Rat personality. Rat people are very optimistic and energetic and courageous. They would be liked by all. Though they are stubborn they would be sensitive to the emotions and feelings of those close to their heart.

They are kind, but might seem to be quite rude or impolite thanks to their bad communication skills. They are not an adorable animal as well. However it is an animal of wit, alert, flexibility and vitality.

year of rat - 2020
Rat and finances

When it comes to finances, Rat people are good at saving and can be found to be too stingy at times as well. They love to hoard material things. This might make them splurge on unwanted things occasionally.

Rat and Love

Rat personalities are very optimistic in life and they are not bothered by anything, quite easy-going. This makes them potential love partners. Rat people generally settle down in stable relationships only. They are very tender and delicate but determined in their love pursuits. They have a good understanding of their loved ones and hence their love and marriage are quite secure. Their patient and loyal nature also gets them the love of a lifetime.

Rat and Career

People born in the Chinese year of the Rat are very hard working, ambitious and careful. They are honest and gentle in their relationship with peers and authorities. However they are found to be very self-confident which might weigh them down in their career pursuits. Rat people are generally known to maintain a very low profile in their professional circles. They are not one to boast around of their skills.

Rat people usually make a good Artist, doctor, author, lecturer, engineer, architect, play writer, poet, fashion designer, stage designer, photographer, teacher. Most skilled or creative jobs and occupations related to charity or finance are suitable for them too.

Rat and Health

Rat people are known to have a very frail physical composition. They have lots of energy but lose their steam very quickly. They are susceptible to frequent minor infections, but then they are free from major health complications. Rat personalities generally enjoy a long leash of life. As they are weak physically, they cannot perform strenuous tasks. They cannot take in extreme weather condition as well.

Rat people are not much fond of spicy food and are content with bland plain food. They are not one to binge on delicacies. Some of the natives can stay without food for long, they eat to live and not live to eat! Rat people usually have troubles with their digestive system.

Rat people are advised to stay away from smoking and drinking. They are also asked not to skip meals. A healthy diet and good exercises keep them active at all times.

Rat Men

Males born in the year of the Rat are found to be very smart in life and can adapt to an kind of environment around. Though they are devoid of courage they are very creative in nature. They make use of opportunities that come their way. They are full of knowledge and wisdom but however refrain by taking leadership positions.

Rat Women

Women born in the year of the Rat are usually very traditional and stick to their age-old customs and habits. Family is of foremost importance to them. But then those who are into career are also found to be very skilled and adaptable.

Rat Child

As a child, Rat personalities are very shy and introvert but they are quite deceptive. They have good leading skills inside. They are better to adapt and are adept in organizing things. They are strong and committed in their tasks. A rat child generally looks for love and warmth at home. By hook or by crook they get what they want . However they find it quite difficult to communicate with those around. They are very controlled and stable in their moves.

Rat Compatibility

• Most compatible with Rat: Ox, Dragon, and Monkey

The fixed Earthly Branch of the Rat is water while it is earth for the Ox. They complement each other well in work and in life.

Rat and Dragon couples would enjoy success together because they will be able to understand each other well.

Monkeys also tend to get along well with Rats.

• Least compatible with Rat: Horse, Goat, and Rabbit

The Earthly Branches of the Rat and the Horse are not in tune. Regardless of what the Rat does, it will never be enough for the Horse.

Goats and Rats make for rocky relationships as Goats are inclined to be going after the wealth of Rats.

Rabbits have the tendency to go against the wishes of rats.

Compatibility of Rat with the Chinese Animal signs

Animal Sign
Compatibility Percentage
Nice couple. Strong love exists
Not a good match. They are just opposite in nature.
Nice couple. Strong love exists.
Nice couple. Strong love exists
Not much can be expected in this relationship.
Best match, they are made for each other.
Not much can be expected in this relationship.
Best match, they are made for each other.
Best match, they are made for each other.
They make good friend.
Not a good match. They are just opposite in nature.
Worst enemies, but then sometimes opposites work out.

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Chinese Horoscope 2020

2021 is the Year of the Ox

(xin nián kuái lé) Happy Chinese New Year

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