Chinese pig Horoscope

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During this year of the Ox, Pig natives would encounter mixed situations and emotions around. Though they are known for their honesty and generosity, they should make sure that they are not utilized by people. Through the year, Pig folks would face numerous Herculean difficulties on their path to success. Trials abound in the career field. But then the natives are advised not to take impulsive decisions, but to go slow.

During the second half of the year, all these troubles would vanish and betterment would be on sight. Then you would be asked to prove your mettle to the outside world. A good time, when your passion would become your profession.


Pig people into business pursuits would see major hindrances coming their way during this year of the Ox. Your past blunders would steep you into unfathomable trouble these days. But do not rush to make amends, be slow and wary of rash decisions. As the year proceeds, after mid-year, things shall get better. You would have opportunities that ask for a major detour. This is a good time to learn from your past mistakes and also to hone up your skills. Pig guys into services would fare better though there might not be major outbreaks for the year.


During the year of the Ox, Pig natives would have a better financial standing. However you are prone to unwanted expenditure of sorts, hence be cautious. Stay away from financial indulgences and do not get into loans or bad debts. Try to live and reign within your limits this year. Around the last quarter of the year, Pig guys are in for some high-value purchases. Some luck and fortune are also on the cards, however do not expect a windfall. Many of you would be able to fulfil some of your long-held life’s ambitions during this year, thanks to betterment of your financial standing as the year unwinds.


The year of the Ox would be quite a romantic period for Pig personalities. The single ones would be able to locate their ideal partner through the year. For some a colleague or an authority in work place would prove to be a viable partner. Sympathy would also play a major factor in hitching a partner for some Pigs. The committed ones would be able to tie the knot around mid-year. Those already married or in a relationship would find better compatibility these days with partner. Better understanding and mutual trust would be established. Don’t let off a loving and committed partner for now, in lieu of a new-found link.


There would be no major health concerns for Pig folks during the year ahead. But then do maintain a balanced lifestyle, stick to good food habits. Some of you might catch seasonal health issues, be wary. Natives are advised to rewind and relax when they are free. Prevention would be the keyword for the year, so take good care of your physical and mental well being. Lying lazy and indulging in too much of spicy food, as is your nature might land you in a soup, take care. Hard work and a positive attitude would command you good health and cheer for the year ahead.