Chinese dog Horoscope

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Dog natives are assured goodness in their business and work-place during this year of the Ox. A long-pending promotion is likely for the deserving ones. Those aspiring for a switch in job would find the time ripe enough for the same. Some of your long-last ambitions would now materialize. Though you are faithful as a dog, compatible relationship might elude some of you.

But then if you are committed, you become an undisputable partner for life. Your stubborn nature might hinder your personal and professional growth for the year. This is a good time to get the advice of elders at home and office.


During the year 2021, the career prospects of Dog people would be very good. If you are committed to hard work and patience then this would be a great time to improve your skills. Do not let your dedication fail. As the year of the Ox progresses, you would be able to get promotions and pay-hikes that have been denied for you till now. Perseverance pays these days, hence keep going no matter the hardships and hindrances you encounter. Do not let your guard down, forge ahead, you would be in a good career position that would be materially and mentally satisfying as the year ends.


Dog folks into business ventures would see their profits soar this year, despite the troubled environment around. Those of you into services would receive accolades and financial remuneration for your works. However this is not a time to venture into new career fields. This year is very favourable for you to pursue some studies or research that might up your career standing and hone your skills and talents. Also take the good advice of elders in the field. This is an apt time to look for some great investments that would secure your future financials. Do not overindulge with your finances these days. The end of the year might see you settle down in your dream house or set up your own office.


The love life of Dog people is not going to be that easy for the year ahead. The single ones would find it tough to locate a loyal and committed partner. For some relationships might turn sour, partner might become a back-stabber. This might hurt you and make you deny any sort of good relationships as well for quite sometime. There would be lot of resentments and hatred in your love life this year. However do note that much of this would be owing to your nature. Hence resorting to turn yourself the other way round, would mend fences and bring goodness in your relationship. Do note that you are barking up at the wrong tree most of the time.


Health and general well-being of Dog people might take a beating during the year of the Ox. Natives are advised not to over-exert, and to follow good diet practices. Issues related to the nerves might haunt some of you folks. Make yourself physically and mentally active all the time, an idle mind becomes a devil’s workshop. Find time to get out of your house and pursue some adventure sport. Natives with chronic ailments need to be quite cautious and vigilant all through this year, as trouble lurks around.