Chinese rooster Horoscope

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The year of the Ox promises good tidings in the life of Rooster natives. During the year, you would be able to complete hitherto incomplete tasks at hand. There would be goodness in your career and new contacts with peers would be established. Though there would be no major changes in your career path, a sense of stability can be seen.

You would be able to make good relationships at the work place coupled with better finances for now. However love life or marriage is in for a tumultuous ride this year. Trust your instincts and that of your partner and keep going, ward off any measures that might affect your compatibility in love.


There would not be a any major hitches in the business or service pursuits of Rooster people during the year of the Ox. Only hard work and commitment are asked for. During the year, troubles from enemies and competitors in work place would subside quite considerably. If you take work as your life ambition, then the path would be simply superb. As the year progresses, your career performance would improve your finances. Always listen to your intuition before venturing onto new tasks. This is a good time to strike good rapport with peers in work place. Also academic pursuits that further your career scope are advised for the period.


For the year 2021, Rooster folks would have steady finances. Bu then the natives are advised against any temptation to indulge financially and save a part of their financial inflow. Beware of frauds and financial gimmicks around. These might ruin your life on all fronts. The year is very favourable for making some long term investment plans. After the middle of the year, Roosters would be favored towards buying real estate or luxury vehicles if they are interested in the same. Expenditure related to personal matters however might burn a dent in your purse for now.


Your love life would do pretty well if Rooster natives are ready to commit themselves with some effort. The single Roosters would be meeting potential partners this year. As the year progresses your love or marriage would become quite stable. Spend quality time with partner or spouse that would bring you still closer to him or her. Do not let relatives or friends intervene in your personal affairs for now, as trouble lurks around. For some of you, a friend or a close relative might turn into a spouse or partner. Roosters are best advised not to take their partners for granted. Be patient and work your way up into their hearts for now.


Through the year ahead, Rooster folks would command good health. The year of the Ox would present you with a favourable atmosphere around that your physical and mental health are not compromised. However chronic natives must be cautious. Do not strain yourself too much for the year. Take good rest, eat a balanced food and take occasional breaks. Maintain harmonious relationships at home and office. Sometimes disconnecting from people and technology around you might help you with your health for quite some period.