Chinese sheep Horoscope

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The year of the Ox would be a mixed period for Sheep natives. There would be troubles with finances and career issues might crop up. However their personal life would do good for the period ahead. There would be incompatible relationship with peers and authorities in work place. Sheep people are usually not strong-willed and hence this might affect their intimate relationships, but on a lighter vein.

They need to strive to keep things in track, laziness and passive nature would not help them this year. As the Ox is known for hard labour, the Sheep people are also asked to put in hard work to stay up in the race.


Major changes are coming your way during this year of the Ox in your professional life. You are in for a job change or relocation around mid-year. All this year, you would be waging a silent war with your authorities and colleagues. There would be stiff competition around. Some of your professional ambitions might be stiffed. However as the year proceeds, there would be goodness bringing about stability with your finances. As the year ends, some Sheeps might get the much needed promotion. In general, the year of the Ox promises goodness in career, but the Sheeps are advised not to be lazy and think that everything would come in a platter.


The year 2021 would bring about financial stability for Sheep personalities during this year of the Ox. The natives however are advised not to be over-indulgent with their finances. They are asked to limit their spending on high-value items. Some luck and fortune by way of inheritance or legacy is on the cards for the Sheep and this would increase their net-worth quite considerably. Work hard with determination if you ought to improve your financials. As the year ends your savings would accrue quite well to tide over any unforeseen expenses in the coming days.


For the year 2021, Sheep personalities would have a pleasant atmosphere in their love life or marriage. Around the middle of the year, the single Sheep would meet their potential partner and the aspiring ones might get married. For some of you, a close friend or family member might turn into partner. This year advises the Sheep people to get rid of their fear and be open to their partners. Relationships would get a new meaning through the year. The year of the Ox also makes sure that the communication with partner is quite open and liberal. There would be much warmth and affection for now. In general, a peaceful period is forecast for Sheep natives.


Sheep people would command good health during this year of the Ox. General happiness and prosperity abounds in their domestic life. However natives are advised not to be complacent, but to be cautious. Regular physical workouts are much needed. Some natives might have issues related to the respiratory system. Also your laziness might lead to weight gain, which is not a good pointer for now. Natives who have chronic issues would get some relief as the year ends.