Chinese snake Horoscope

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Snake natives are predicted with a successful period during this year of the Ox. Your financials would increase quite considerably when compared to the previous years. And there would be goodness in the relationship with near and dear ones. Your perseverance and hard work would take you to new heights through the year.

A favourable time when opportunities come knocking at you, make good use of the same.


The career path of Snake natives is not going to be that easy for the year of the Ox. There would be delays, hindrances and troubles of sorts around. You would encounter issues with competitors if you are into business. Even friends might turn into foes owing to your career growth. Be cautious of false friends and frauds around. Stay alert and committed to the work at hand. If into services, you would be taken to a new level in the work place. You might strike good relations with colleagues and authorities as well. And joint team works would be highly rewarding for Snake guys during the year ahead.


The financials of Snake individuals would be very solid and stable during the year. Your net-worth would be gradually increasing and more sources of income are on the anvil. Resort to high-value purchases only if they have a long term benefit. Particularly real estate deals would work out well for you these days. But then do not dive into savings, beware of frauds around. Not a time to indulge with your finances as the year might end with a financial hitch for some Snakes if they are not alert and thrifty.


During this year of the Ox, Snake folks would have quite a positive period in their love life. It would be full of romance, warmth, affection and positive emotions. Peace and harmony is assures in domestic life. Some of the past rifts and incompatibility with partner would now vanish and good rapport would be established. The year of the Ox would be a favourable time for the deserving Snakes to tie the knots. Some of you would be expecting children as well for now. The year favors the forging of some long term commitments in most Snake people.


Snake people would command good health and cheer all through this year of the Ox. There would be no major impacts on life. However be wary of infections, colds and fevers. Natives with chronic illnesses would get some relief this year. Mental health needs care as stress and strain might take a toll on you. Take a break, indulge in some recreational activities occasionally. Though long distant travels are not to be undertaken, plans short trips and picnics that would rejuvenate your spirits.