"Astrological Perspective of 2015 Vis-á-vis 2014"

"People born in the year of 2014 were known to be sensible and impatient which sets them apart from the rest of us. The year 2014 brought us lots of good luck and we even saw some truly significant events in our way like a new position, business expansion, marriage, etc.

The year also brought in some bad phases like the loss of a loved one, a critical illness at home, career stagnation for some of us." – Nimmi, one of the most trusted analysts from FindYourFate.com commented on the passing year.In 2014 the earth was under the linear protection of Mercury and Venus. Year 2014 was powerful and had many astrological events that had shaped and moulded our destiny. Year 2014 amplified personal feelings related to work, love and family.

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Predicting on the planetary influence for the upcoming year Nimmi shares – "In 2015, things that have been unfolding in 2014 would be seen consolidating. Political and economic conditions are likely to stabilize for all countries across the globe. Though the general quality of life would be improved certain crisis haunting countries might blow up to unimaginable proportions. Health issues would be a major threat to super-powers rather than economic or power issues. Year 2015 would be a very crucial year for all of us down here on planet earth." "The planets lined up for year 2015 show stability in nations which strikes a positive chord. One of the major astro-event supporting this would be Saturn's transition around the end of 2014. This would improve inter–country relations and pave way for smooth educational reforms in major countries around the world. Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces natives would be much affected by this transition." – she adds to her analysis and prediction.

Joining the conversation, Jaya, another most popular Analyst from the team adds – "Pluto and Uranus Square that had been torturing us for two years now at last comes to rest in 2015. This would bring harmony among nations; however the unrest in Ukraine, Syria and the African countries would not be able to see light in this year either. Technology would be able to mould governments in our society thanks to the end of this harsh aspect."

Year 2015 also brings in a favourable aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter stands for expansion and Uranus rules surprises and new technology. Hence year 2015 shall bring in new technology into the forefront including some good tidings from space afar.

According to the calculations of Nimmi, Mars would be entering the house of Taurus on May 3, 2015 and would be there till June 15, 2015. This would cause some instability for the world economy as a whole. Only a rethink of strategy shall bring the economy back on its feet.

"The second half of 2015 would see the migration of Jupiter into another house. This promises good scope in the economic front. Also health care and environmental issues would be given the upper hand in this period. To consolidate – the first half of 2015 shall see an end to things that started taking shape in 2014 and the second half would see new trends in all areas under the Sun." – Nimmi, the Senior Analyst from the team of FindYourFate.com concludes.

"Come Rain or Shine let us welcome year 2015 with a new spirit. Let bygones be bygones!!

Let this year of Light (2015) bring new light into our lives..." – the team FindYourFate.com announces with its uniquely welcoming appeal to the entire mankind across all geographical cross-sections of the globe.

How would the year 2015 fare for the zodiacs....

Aries - You would be in for a change in career, finances and love relations shall fare well, health would not be that good.

Taurus - Steady career growth expected, relationships would deepen, better financial status got, variable health in store.

Gemini - Some rifts in work place, stable relationships, financial revamp probable, erratic health conditions would prevail.

Cancer - Professional performance improves, new opportunities in relationships, much fortune on the cards, health would be at its best.

Leo - Occasional hiccups in career front, harmonious trends in relationships, tricky finances and average health conditions would prevail.

Virgo - Consolidation in career, troubles with relationships, balanced finances and good health assured.

Libra - Troubled period in career, relationships get closer, smooth finances, emotional health at stake.

Scorpio - Commitment needed in career, exciting period for relationships, steady financial inflow, good health and cheer in family.

Sagittarius - Hard work pays in career, patience needed in relationships, new high in finances, general health remains good.

Capricorn - Hectic period for career, calm and quiet period for relationships, good finances, stick to your diet plans for good health.

Aquarius - Uneventful period for career, stability in relationships, steady financial growth, your health immunity would be at its best.

Pisces - Avoid changes in career field, love life at zenith, finances might sway, minor health issues might bother you.