Planetary Influences - September 2018

Venus Transits Libra -(September 1 - January 1, 2019)

Venus transiting Virgo moves over to the zodiac house of Libra on September 1st, a Saturday and stays there for a period of about 4 months. Libra is the homestead of Venus and hence it is in full strength here. Venus stands for creative pursuits and creation of things.

Jupiter, another teacher like Venus has been in Venus' house of Libra from September 11, 2017 and stays there till around October 2018. Libra is not a friendly sign for Jupiter and hence would not be able to fulfil our needs totally. Venus entry into Libra with Jupiter however favors a focus towards our creative ventures.

In Libra, Venus stays for quite a longer period, where it goes retrograde in October and then direct in November. Venus in Libra teaches us how to lead a clean life both on the personal and professional fronts.


Mercury Transits Leo -(September 2 - 18)

Mercury in Cancer for the past month, had quite a hectic activity there- it was part of the August eclipses, went retrograde and was in aspect with the fiery Mars. Now on the 2nd of September, Mercury moves over to the house of Leo and stays there till September 18 when it transits to its own house of Virgo.

Mercury in the zodiac house of Leo is a good time to start channelling our energy towards new ventures and trying to build and repair existing projects and relationships. In Leo, Mercury gets the company of Sun and crosses the Sun around the middle of September. Here Mercury gets lost in the intense energy of Sun. However our skills and enthusiasm ruled over by Mercury gets highlighted thanks to its association with the Sun.


Saturn Goes Direct- September 6

Saturn in Sagittarius that has been retrograde since April 17, 2018 goes direct on the 6th of September. Saturn started its retrograde motion at 15 degrees Sagittarius and goes Direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius. Now that Saturn is Direct we can breathe a sigh of relief as most of the planets are now direct after a few months of intense retrograde energy levels around.

Generally retrograde Saturn exposes the illusions we have about life and asks us to take responsibility for our actions. Once it goes direct, it gets a bit slow and steady and has certain deliberate intentions. Saturn next goes retrograde in April, 2019. Saturn in Sagittarius aspects the signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo. Hence areas ruled over by these houses are likely to get a bit of anxiety around.


New Moon in Leo- September 9

The waning Moon joins the Sun at 23 degrees Leo forming the New Moon of the month of September on the 9th. After some hectic periods of planetary transits, this New Moon offers a turning point or a new beginning. There would be a better balance in relationships and the atmosphere would be just ripe enough to create something new, like conception or establish stronger relationships.

With almost all the planets now being direct, this New Moon gives a platform for a smooth sailing for quite sometime now without any major delays and hindrances in life.


Sun Transits Virgo-( September 16 - October 16)

The Sun transits from its home of Leo on September 16th to the zodiac house of Virgo. It stays in Virgo for a period of one month till 16th, October. Mercury would be travelling in close quarters with the Sun and there would be an exchange of houses between Sun and Mercury on 16th and 17th of September.

As Sun enters Virgo, it would enter the aspect of Saturn. Saturn would be already aspecting the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses. Hence areas ruled by these houses stand to get affected. Sun aspected by Saturn generally causes a tension and a struggle for a balance in life and this is probable around this time as well. In particular our egos stand to get affected by the same.

Sun in Virgo aspects the house of Pisces and this brings our spiritual pursuits to the fore during this time.


Mercury Transits Virgo -(September 18 - October 6)

Mercury that had a swift transit through the zodiac house of Leo, now enters the zodiac house of Virgo on September 18th. Here Mercury would be having a rapid transit past Sun in Virgo around the middle of the month.

Mercury in its own house of Virgo is quite strong now. This emphasizes communications, analytical thinking and the relation between our diet/lifestyle with our health in general.

This transit of Mercury through Virgo can be used to better balance our health, and personal life in general. Sun with Mercury together consumes our energy internally, but then make it a lesson. A good time to make adjustments that would better our life.


Full Moon in Pisces- September 24

The waxing Moon of Septmber goes full when it comes in direct opposition to the Sun at 8 degrees Virgo on September 24th. Now Moon resides at 8 degrees Pisces.

The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter or Guru, which is presently in Libra, the house of Venus. Venus exalts the moon and hence this full moon is a very favourable time period. Things seem to have a positive flow now.


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