Planetary Influences - August 2018

Venus Transits Virgo- ( August 1 - September 1)

Venus had been in the zodiac house of Leo during July 2018 and was under the heavy influence of Mars and the nodes of the Moon. Hence there might have been some issues related to your social life and relationships. Now in August, Venus would be transiting to the house of Virgo. This would be a mixed bag and some improvement can be seen in situations around us.

Venus in Virgo would be away from the influence of Mars and Rahu which would remove some of the hindrances and tensions around us. However as Mercury, the ruler of Virgo would be retrograde and Venus being in close encounter with Rahu expect some difficulties and tensions for quite sometime. Particularly communications stand to get affected as Venus transits Virgo, the house of Mercury.

Venus in Virgo is said to be Debilitated and is also receiving the aspects of Saturn. Hence things would not be all that good and rosy through August in terms of Venus' prospects. Venus in Virgo would be a good time for doing some mending works both on the physical and mental side.


New Moon in Cancer- August 11 (Partial Solar Eclipse)

The luminaries Sun and Moon join together with each other in the zodiac house of Cancer forming a New Moon on the 11th of August. This would be a Partial Solar Eclipse as the Sun-Moon combination is just 13 degrees from Rahu or the Moon's north node. Also Retrograde Mercury happens to linger on in the house of Cancer. Do expect some un-deciding moments in this time.

Usually a New Moon indicates low levels of energy. Add to this the intense effect of the Solar Eclipse. Hence this is a time not for making important moves, rather to lay low and relax.

Moon and Mercury, the emotional planets are involved in this Solar eclipse as well. Hence be prepared to handle some emotional imbalances around. Do not make any life-altering decisions for now. Some of you would be faced with unexpected circumstances around. Stay calm and poised for the period.


Sun Transits Leo -( August 16 - September 16)

The Sun transiting the zodiac house of Cancer for the past one month period, moves over to the house of Leo on August 16th and stays there till the 16th of September. The Sun is quite strong enough in its own territory for now and this might bring about some clarity around, just after the chaos caused by Mercury retrograde and the Solar Eclipse.

The Sun would be free and alone in Leo till around the start of September when Mercury would be joining it. The Sun in Leo would be aspected by Mars and this might bring about fiery energy levels around. Find ways to soothe this burning fire as there are not much water elements found around for now. Showering love and practising compassion would help a lot around this time of the year.


Mercury Direct in Cancer -August 18

The retrograding Mercury in the zodiac house of Cancer right from July 25th goes direct on August 18th. Till then we would be experiencing the effects of the eclipses, the retrograde effects of Mercury and Mars combined. The retrograde Mars and Mercury would be in direct opposition causing troubles with information, data, communication and studies.

Mercury goes direct at 18 degrees in Cancer on 18th August. From then on it would be a call on us to reorganize and adjust ourselves according to the analysis we did when Mercury was retrograding. Mercury stays direct in Cancer till September 2nd when it moves over to Leo.


Full Moon in Aquarius- August 26

On August 26th, the luminaries Sun and Moon would be in direct opposition (180 deg) with the Sun at 10 degrees Leo and Moon at 10 degrees in the zodiac house of Aquarius forming a Full Moon. Moon is Full in the house of Aquarius which is ruled over by Saturn and Rahu or the Moon's north node.

The Moon in Aquarius being a Full Moon helps us to heal and repair certain physical situations or emotional imbalances that were set during the eclipse period and retrograde periods of Mercury and Mars. A good time to train our minds towards growth and a stable atmosphere around.

The Moon in Aquarius is aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is currently retrograding while Jupiter is direct. This helps us to see life from a different perspective. Also this would be a good time to prune unwanted things or relationships from our life and make way for upward progress. The Sun is opposing the Moon from its own house of Leo. This would throw ample light on our lives. This can be taken as a turning point to progress forward.


Mars Direct in Capricorn - August 27

Mars that was retrograde all through July and August 2018 would have agitated our lives in general. Then on August 27th, it goes direct at 5 degrees Capricorn. This would bring about a great sense of relief and calmness around us.

Mars stays direct in Capricorn till around November 6th. Mars going direct is a good time to plan as to how to channel the formidable fiery energy of Mars. Look out for some watery elements to balance the fire as well as the month of August edges on.


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