Planetary Influences - July 2018

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - Retrograde

The planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are Retrograde as the month of July starts. This might bring about many unannounced events in our lives this season. Be prepared for erratic behaviour around.

Mars is retrograde from June 26th to August 26th. Currently it is exalted in Capricorn and is in close association with Ketu or the Moon's South node. And it aspects Rahu or the Moon's North node posited in the house of Cancer. Mars' association with Rahu might help us to keep under control the frustrations brought about the retrograde Mars.

Jupiter begins July in retrograde motion in Libra. But then it is out of its influence over Mars and this might make Mars to act quite out of control, beware. Then on July 10th, Jupiter or Guru goes direct. Jupiter is presently posited in Sagittarius, the house of Saturn or Shani. This would give some ground for Saturn which is currently retrograding. Saturn resumes direct motion on the 6th of September.


Venus Transits Leo - (July 5 - August 1)

Venus in Cancer, transits to the house of Leo on the 5th of July. The ruler of Leo is Sun and this brings about the a balance between the "I" and "You" attitude. A sort of clarity can be expected in relationships and you would be able to assert your position in relationships.

During its jaunt in Leo, Venus would be receiving the aspects of the retrograde Mars. Rahu also aspects Venus bringing about its chaotic influence. Venus moving through Leo, which happens to be a fiery sign also adds fuel to the fire during this season, as Venus moves around the zodiac house of Leo.


Jupiter Goes Direct - July 10

Jupiter in retrograde movement as the month of July starts, goes Direct on the 10th of July. And this happens at 19°14' of Venus' air sign, Libra. This removes all sort of negativity around and gives a sense of positive energy which would forge growth and development in life. From this day Jupiter goes in forward direction with much speed.

Jupiter entered the house of Libra on September 11th, 2017 and would be there till October 10, 2018. Then on the 11th of October, Jupiter would be entering the zodiac house of Scorpio, which happens to be a friendly house for Jupiter or Guru. With Jupiter readying its movement from Libra to Scorpio, there would be shift in our focus from the material life to the spiritual side. As Jupiter prepares to move houses in the next few months, July would be a good time to strike a good balance between the spiritual and material realms. Try to strike cordial relations with your personal and professional sides.


New Moon in Gemini - July 12 (Partial Solar Eclipse)

The luminaries Sun and Moon join together at 27 degree Gemini on the 12th of July , forming the New Moon of the month. This also causes the Partial Solar Eclipse of the season.

Generally a New Moon makes us weak and there won't be any light or guidance in our forward movement. During this new Moon, the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon blocking the view from the Earth, forming the Solar Eclipse which is partial. The Sun-Moon combination is around 15 to 16 degrees from Rahu or the Moon's northnode making the eclipse, partial.

The Sun-Moon duo would be receiving the benefic aspects of Jupiter which has recently turned direct. And this throws some light into the dark New Moon day. The effect of the partial eclipse would be felt all through the month of July and August. During this eclipse, Mars would be retrograding and hence there would be a sense of instability and volatility around all through the month of July.


Sun Transits Cancer - ( July 16 - August 16)

The Sun transiting through the zodiac sign of Gemini from the start of July, transits to the house of Cancer on July 16th and stays there till August 16th when it moves over to the zodiac house of Leo. The aspect between Sun and Saturn would bring about some troubles in relationships this period.

There would have been some losses and destructions en-route as the Sun comes out of the exact opposition with Saturn. Now as it enters the house of Cancer, it comes out of the opposing energy of Saturn or Shani. In Cancer, the Sun joins the Moon's north node, Rahu and Mercury which would be soon going retrograde. Sun in Cancer gives us multiple choices to decide on our future course of action. Be ready to handle things as they come quickly, also do not let your compassionate nature to dwindle.


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer - (July 25 - August 18)

On July 25th, Mercury in the zodiac house of Cancer reaches its final degree there and then begins its second phase of retrograde motion for the year 2018. Cancer is already posited with Rahu or the Moon's north node and the Sun. In Cancer, Mercury retraces its movement to 18 degrees Cancer and then goes direct in August18th.

With this we have a whole gang of retrograde planets- Saturn, Mars and Mercury. Mercury is currently in Cancer, a watery sign. Being in a watery sign, Mercury is not at its best, with its energy and efficiency being only on a satisfactory level. But then being retrograde might mitigate this effect to a certain extent improving our communications and thought processes.


Full Moon in Capricorn - July 27 (Total Lunar Eclipse)

The Moon enters the zodiac house of Capricorn and becomes full at 11 degrees on July 27th. The Sun would be in direct opposition at 11 degree Cancer and would be in the company of Rahu or the Moon's north node and the retrograde Mercury. Moon would be joining Mars and Ketu or the Moon's South node in Capricorn during this full Moon.

This full Moon would be a total lunar eclipse. While most of the planets are influenced by the eclipses of July, the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter would be quite free from this negative energy around for this period. However currently Venus is in Leo, its enemy house and Jupiter is posited in Libra, also happens to be its enemy house. Hence there might be certain hindrances with our studies and love area. Lying low and sticking to spiritual realms would help us to tide over this difficult time of the year.


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