Planetary Influences - June 2018

Venus Transits Cancer – (June 9 – July 5)

As the month of June starts, Venus would be in the house of Gemini. It transits to the neighbouring zodiac house of Cancer on the 9th of June. Venus in the house of Moon is a good placement though. In Cancer, Venus would be moving past Rahu or the Moon’s north node posited in Cancer. And this association might confuse or surprise natives.

Venus would also receive the aspects of the retrograde Saturn which limits its show of creativity and expression of love.

The Moon’s north node has the dubious distinction of amplifying and agitating the energy of Venus with which is in contact for the period. Be prepared for some unexpected meetings, twists and turns in your personal life. However Venus would steer you clear to excellent pastures in course of time.

Mercury Transits Gemini –(June 9 – 25)

Mercury is travelling through Taurus with an exchange of houses with Venus from May last to perhaps the first week of June. This is an excellent time frame where communication and creative pursuits are emphasized and best rewarded when pursued whole-heartedly. Then on the 9th of June, Mercury moves over to the zodiac house of Gemini. This movement is just in time to fill the gap left by Venus’ movement to the house of Cancer. Mercury is quite comfortable in its own house of Gemini.

Mercury in Gemini would be aspected by the Retrograde Jupiter and Saturn. And this might bring about some unexpected results in our lives. Be cautious and optimistic if you ought to come out of the gaze of this Retrograde duo unharmed.

New Moon in Taurus- June 13

The waning Moon reaches Taurus on June 13th at 29 degrees to join the Sun forming the New Moon for the month of June. This indicates stalling of some of your recent works or pursuits.
As the Moon transits the junction of the houses owned by Mercury and Venus, its energy level would be quite low. This brings about periods of tiredness and exhaustion through the day.

It is best advised to stick to small effortless works and recuperate for the rest of the time. The New Moon is also a period when health should be given utmost care. Particularly the sick and mentally weak people need to take extra precautions.

Sun Transits Gemini –(June 15 – July 16)

The Sun enters the zodiac house of Gemini from Taurus on June 15th, to join its native inhabitant Mercury therein posited. Sun in Gemini would be in direct opposition to Saturn , its arch rival.

The Sun represents the individual and the “Me only” nature. While Saturn destroys the individualism and the ego within ourselves brought about by the placement of the Sun in our natal chart. Hence there would be a constant struggle for the balance between this duo.

The actual opposition (180 deg) of the Sun and Saturn happens on June 27th, a Full Moon day when Moon would be joining Saturn or Shani in the house of Sagittarius. Be prepared to handle some intense energy levels around this time of the month.

Mercury Transits Cancer –(June 25 – September 2)

Mercury traversing through Gemini exits it to move over to the adjacent zodiac sign of Cancer on June 25th. Mercury would stay put in Cancer for quite a long while thanks to the Retrograde movement due from July 26th . Cancer is an enemy sign for Mercury and hence be prepared for some hardships for the period. There would be some tensions in relationships and communications. Being in a watery sign, Mercury is certainly going to make our communications quite difficult around this time of the year. In Cancer, Mercury gets the company of Rahu or the Moon's North Node and Venus. This combination sets in troubles in the way we express ourselves. Hence stay clear of misunderstandings and false expressions of love and affection for the time being. Also the transiting Mercury would be aspected by Retrograde Mars with its power and aggression and this might bring about certain power struggles in our life for the season.

Mars Retrograde in Capricorn –(June 26 – August 27)

Mars in Capricorn goes Retrograde on June 26th at 16 degrees when it would be dragged back to 5 degrees Capricorn by August 27th . During the Retrograde phase, Mars gets into conjunction with Ketu or the Moon's South node.

With this we have three planets - Mars, Jupiter and Saturn being retrograde for the time being. Expect too much reversal of your behaviour and the environment around for the time.All forward steps would be stalled and there would be struggles for even the effortless works.But then this would be a good time to learn about our weaknesses, and clean our closets, and clear the mess surrounding us.

Here it is to be noted, that the Retrograde Mars is also currently Exalted. Normally an Exalted Mars brings about positive energy, but then the retrograde phase might alter this energy expression, hence beware. Also its conjunction with Ketu or the Moon's node might spring in occasional disasters around. So natives are advised to double-check what ever they do to avoid accidents or mishaps of sorts.

Full Moon in Sagittarius- June 27

Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees comes in direct opposition to the Sun at 13 degrees Gemini on June 27th, forming the Full Moon of the Month. Now Sun would be in opposition to Saturn as well. In the adjacent zodiac house of Capricorn, Mars and Ketu combination would be opposing the combination of Mercury, Rahu and Venus in Cancer. This is not a good factor to reckon with for this Full Moon. However we can count on Jupiter to smoothen things out for us.

Moon and Saturn are in Sagittarius, being ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is currently retrograde and this might bring about some intense moments around us as the month of June ends.

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