Planetary Influences - February 2018

Jupiter in Libra- (February 1-28)

Jupiter is in the house of Libra all through the month of February 2018. From here, Jupiter would be aspecting the house of Aquarius, Gemini and Aries. Hence these houses get a positive impact from Jupiter.

Jupiter currently is in the sign of Libra, an air sign ruled by Venus. Jupiter will aspect the other signs of the air element while here, so Aquarius and Gemini will be feeling the benefit of Jupiter's positive aspect.

Additionally, Jupiter aspects its opposite sign, which is currently Aries. Though Venus and Jupiter are considered to be enemies, they are both taken to be good teachers where they teach us social living and living in balance with nature respectively.

Jupiter in Libra helps us to expand our social interactions in a broader sense. It also helps us to integrate ourselves with nature in a better light. Also Jupiter in Libra guides us to learn and grow in areas linked with arts and social justice in general.


Saturn in Sagittarius- (February 1-28)

Saturn would be in Sagittarius for the whole of February 2018 and continues to be there till around January 2020. Saturn tends to limit and detach ourselves, but then it is stationed in Sagittarius the house of Jupiter which rules over expansion and growth in life. Saturn usually brings about friction, and difficulty in our lives, reminding us of the temporary phase we are through. Saturn in Jupiter�s house curtails expansion or growth to a certain extend. This is a good position for slow and steady progress. Natives of Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo sun-signs would feel the pinch to curtail their desires and detach from the material world with this placement of Saturn during February 2018.


Mars in Scorpio- (February 1-28)

Mars is in the zodiac house of Scorpio for all of February 2018. Mars stands for power and vigour while Scorpio rules over secrets and anything hidden. Hence this position helps us to dig deep into our minds with power and courage. Mars entered Scorpio on January 16 and would be exiting it on March 7, 2018. From the house of Scorpio Mars would be aspecting Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini by its 4th, 7th and 8th house aspects. These natives would hence experience some inner turmoils for the time.


Moon's nodes in Cancer/Capricorn - (February 1-28)

During February 2018, we have Rahu in the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and Ketu in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Rahu stands for instability and chaos in our lives. Its station Cancer is ruled by Moon which stands for mother and nature. Hence Rahu in Cancer would be tempered a bit by the position. Rahu would be aspecting the house of Capricorn. Therefore the house positions of Capricorn natives would be affected. Ketu is posited in Capricorn, the house of Saturn during February 2018. Ketu helps us to ward off or block worldy pleasures and experiences for quite sometime though.


Venus Transits Aquarius-( February 5 - March 1)

Venus would be quite the first planet to move into the house of Aquarius in the month of February and this happens on the 5th of the month. From this time onward, Venus would be visible in the western sky just after sunset. In a couple of weeks, Venus would come out of its encounter with the Sun. Venus is in the house ruled over by Saturn and Rahu. Venus rules over our creativity, pleasures and the way we connect with those we love. Venus in the house ruled by Rahu might bring about some messy encounters in your love life or marriage through the month. And Saturn is a friend of Venus and helps it to temper down its enthusiasm a bit. Aquarius is a friendly place for Venus as well. The aspects of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter on the house of Aquarius gives the much needed energy for Venus to perform well on the creative side with vigour. Venus in Aquarius also helps us to enter the humanitarian aspect of life and to serve the downtrodden at our own will.


Sun Transits Aquarius-( February 12 - March 14)

The Sun transiting the house of Capricorn till now enters Aquarius the house of Saturn on February 12th. However the Sun is not much happy in the house of Saturn. Hence areas ruled over by the Sun like governments, leaderships, individuality and physical health might take a beating over period. Saturn also humbles the egoistic nature being brought out by the Sun during the period. Hence be prepared to meet moments of humiliations and endurance for the time period.


Mercury Transits Aquarius -(February 14 - March 3)

On Wednesday, February 14, Mercury moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, joining the Sun and Venus. And coincidentally, this happens to be Valentines day!!. In the house of Aquarius, Mercury would be transiting past the Sun and joins Venus in the western sky afterwards. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Sun takes pace on February 17th. Then in the start of March, Mercury would be escaping the combustion of Sun and would get involved with its friend, Venus. For the last two weeks of February, Sun, Venus and Mercury would be in Aquarius and would be aspected by Jupiter from Libra, Mars from Scorpio and Saturn from Sagittarius. As Mercury is getting out of the realms of Sun for the last days of February and is getting positive aspects from Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, expect some activity and revival in communications. A good time to think otherwise.


New Moon -Partial Solar Eclipse -February 15

The Moon enters the zodiac house of Aquarius on February 15th to join the Sun at 4 deg Aquarius. This forms the New Moon and is also a Partial solar eclipse which is visible in some locations around the South Pole. During the eclipse, Mercury would also be joining Sun and Moon in Aquarius. Already Aquarius is under the aspects of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Hence most of the inner planets are involved with this eclipse, to say, A solar eclipse is caused when the Moon obstructs the Suns rays from falling on the earth. This indicates that we lose our guidance for quite sometime literally speaking. Moments of confusion usually follow, it is better to lay low for the time. There is a time gap between the Lunar eclipse that happened on 31st January and this Solar eclipse which can be best utilized to prepare ourselves within. Be cautious for the rest of this February though some sort of stability can be found as most of the planets are stable in the house of Aquarius. The second half of February would be quite productive if used in the right sense though.


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