Planetary Influences - May 2018

Mars Transits Capricorn -(May 2 - November 5)

Mars enters the zodiac house of Capricorn on May 2nd where it is said to be Exalted. It stays here for a period of 5 months till around the start of November, that is the 5th. Here Mars joins Ketu or the Moon's South node. Mars is a fiery ruler and Ketu is fiery and aggressive too and then tend to bring about aggression and instability in our lives. Ketu is already in the house of Capricorn from August 2017. It would be moving over to the sign of Sagittarius in January 2019 only.

This Mars-Ketu combination has great potential power. Ketu actually lifts up the power and energy of Mars. Actually Ketu brings about a calmness despite Mars being in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn helps us to create and protect our lives.

Mars goes retrograde in Capricorn on June 26th at 16 deg. It goes Direct at 5 deg Capricorn on August 27th. As Mars transits Capricorn, its ruler Saturn is retrograde. This adds some level of complexity to our lives here on planet earth.

Mercury Transits Aries -(May 9 - 26)

Mercury in Pisces transits to the zodiac house of Aries on May 9th and stays there till May 26th. Then it transits to the earthy sign of Venus. Aries is a fiery sign being ruled over by Mars. And Mercury is aspected by the Exalted Mars from the house of Capricorn. This gives immense energy and potential for Mercury.

Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter which is now retrograde in the house of Libra. It helps us to balance power and knowledge through these days. Loaded with the power of Mars, this would be a good time to finish jobs related to communications, finances and travels.

Venus Transits Gemini -(May 14 - June 8)

For the first half of May, Venus is posited in its own home of Taurus. Then on May 14th it transits to the house of Gemini and stays there till June 8th. Venus in the territory of Mercury gives good energy to pursue our creative ventures.

However Venus receives the aspect of the retrograde Saturn or Sani from the house of Sagittarius. On May 14th, the Sun would also be changing signs. The following day has a New Moon in Taurus as well. Hence this would be a good time to start new ventures.

But then expect some delays and hindrances by the aspect of Jupiter on Venus' home. Anxieties and worries bother us as our creative ventures get stalled by lack of resources and practical difficulties. It is better advised to slow down our pace a bit these days.

Sun Transits Taurus-( May 14 - June 15)

On May 14, the Sun in Aries transits over to the house of Taurus, an earthy sign and would be there till the 15th of June. Sun enters Taurus just in time during the exit of Venus from Taurus to Gemini.

Sun is a malefic in the case of Taurus sun-sign. Hence there would be a constant personality struggle where we find it a bit hard to assert ourselves in co-operative deals around. The Sun in Taurus is in a quite comfortable position though for now, flanked by Mercury and Venus and free from any malefic aspects of Mars or Saturn.

The Sun in an earthy sign implies enjoying the fruits of the material world. Hence this would be a good time to pursue what you are already doing and refrain from starting anything anew. May is a month when the Sun is free from almost all malefic influences. Hence a good time to lay low, connect with the Earth or mother nature and imbibe peace around.

New Moon in Taurus - May 15

The Moon joins the Sun at 1 degree Taurus to form the New Moon of the month on the 15th. The Lord of the house of Taurus is Venus. This would be a period when Sun and Venus begin to start a period of balancing act in our lives. Particularly relationships get greatly emphasized and harmony in relations would be the keyword for the period. The New Moon time could be better utilized to improve the way you express yourself. A time to refine your inner soul too. The Sun-Moon conjunction in the house of Venus would also be a great time to learn new things and find ways to relate with others around.

Venus Transits Taurus -(may 19 - may 14)

Venus stays in the house of Aries till the 19th of may. It was in a fiery sign , received the aspects of the retrograde Jupiter and was under the company of the hot Sun. Then on the 19th it transits to the zodiac house of Taurus.

This being its own house, Venus finds some calm time for relaxation. Now that it is away from the Sun it should be clearly visible in the evening sky. With Sun being exalted in the zodiac house of Aries and Venus in its own homestead, this is a good time for getting really creative. Also an apt period to find the perfect balance between the "me" and "we" attitude.

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 29

The waxing Moon of May grows in size and becomes full at 15 degrees Scorpio on May 29th. Then Sun would be at 15 degrees Taurus. Rahu and Ketu , the Moon's nodes would be at 15 degrees Cancer and Capricorn respectively. Hence Rahu would be aspecting the Moon exactly on this day.

There would be tough times around this day. Though generally Jupiter or Guru helps us to bail out of tough situations, presently it being in retrograde motion gets the going till tougher. However we can rely on Venus in Gemini for the moment. The day can be best spent on sorting practical difficulties in life and relying on peace and harmony around.

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