Planetary Influences - October 2018

Venus Retrograde in Libra -(October 5 - November 16)

Venus goes retrograde in its own house of Libra from October 5 to November 16, 2018. This brings about a shift in the relative position of Venus with the Sun. During this phase the Sun would move forward ahead of Venus in Libra. Then around December 2018, the evening star slowly slips into its morning star designation.

This retrograde motion of Venus affects us based on the relative positions of Sun and the Venus in our natal chart.


Mercury Transits Libra -(October 6 - 26)

Mercury moves over to the zodiac house of Libra, the home of Venus on the 6th of October. There it would be joining the retrograde Venus and Jupiter. This transit of Mercury in Libra is important as the Sun and the Venus combination are also there. Mercury rules over communications and it would be greatly supported by Venus therein.

Mercury is quite strong in the house of Libra. This would bring about a great support in our relationships ruled by Venus and our academic pursuits being ruled over by Jupiter or Guru. Till October 16th, Sun would not yet have arrived in Libra and hence this house would be free of any negative energy around. Hence friendships and love pursuits are greatly favored for the period.


New Moon in Virgo- October 8

The waning Moon of September 2018 enters the zodiac house of Virgo on the 8th of October, joining the Sun there at 22 degrees forming the New Moon of the month. New Moon days are best suited to contemplate and plan our works rather than engaging into actions as our energy levels would be quite low for the time.

This day can be best utilised to quietly plan our future course of actions. Plant seeds for your ambitions and other pursuits. Starting from the New Moon, natives are advised to be cautious and remain detached from worldly pleasures and relationships.


Jupiter Transits Scorpio-( October 11, 2018 - November 4, 2019)

The planet Jupiter or Guru takes about 12 years to travel once across the zodiac sky. And it spends approximately about a years' time in each zodiac house. For the past one year period it was transiting Libra. On October 11th, it moves over to the house of Scorpio being ruled over by Mars.

Jupiter in the house of Libra till date was quite frustrating as its ruler Venus is not a natural friend of Jupiter. Jupiter's transit to the watery sign of Scorpio would also affect the other watery signs of Cancer and Pisces. The last time, Jupiter was transiting the house of Scorpio in 2006-2007. Events of that time period might reappear in your life once again, take a note of this.

Jupiter rules over expansion, growth and knowledge and material blessings. As Scorpio's ruler Mars is a natural friend, Jupiter would be quite good in Scorpio, bringing about light into hitherto dark places in our lives. Also this transit would be a good period to improve our knowledge base. Particularly those into detective and police works, medicine and divination stand to get benefited a lot due to this Jupiter transit or Guru peyarchi. Jupiter would be aided by the great power of Mars to proceed ahead in a positive manner.


Sun Transits Libra -(October 16 - November 16)

Sun transiting the sun sign of Virgo for the first half of October moves over to the zodiac house of Libra on October 16th, joining Mercury and Venus posited therein. Venus is currently retrograding in Libra and hence is in full strength in Libra.

With the Sun in the house of Venus, there would be a clash between its individual tendency ("I" tendency) and the social tendency ("We") of Venus. Venus stands for tolerance and compromise while Sun is quite rigid and selfish. Also our sense of self-expression would be quite compromised around this time period.


Full Moon in Aries- October 24

The New Moon of October 8th begins to wax and gets full on the 24th of October at 8 degrees Aries. It would be a Wednesday. The house of Aries would be aspected by the Exalted Mars, its own house Lord. This gives some fiery power to the Sun. Also the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are also aspecting the Moon from the opposite house of Libra. This give much power and energy for the Full Moon of the month.

Most of the planets are in cardinal signs and are in good angles with the Full Moon. Hence this would be a good time to initiate new ventures, get into action and keep moving towards positive territory.


Mercury Transits Scorpio -(October 26 - December 31)

Mercury in Libra would be entering the house of Scorpio on the 26th of October. This would be an important transit as it would be going retrograde shortly. Mercury would be joining Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury and Jupiter though not good friends would encourage the learning process and other academic pursuits for the time. And Scorpio is perhaps a neutral sign for Mercury to dwell in for now. Mercury and Jupiter are in for a conjunction on the 29th of October.

Scorpio's ruler Mars is in the house of Capricorn for this period. This would bring about some intense energy levels to explore new frontiers and establish good foundations. Jupiter in Scorpio gives much enthusiasm and analytical tendency for Mercury to proceed with for now. Scorpio's ruler Mars gives courage and Mercury gives the flexibility and tactile strength to forge ahead in style through the days ahead.