Planetary Influences - November 2017

Mars Transits Libra-( November 29 – January 16)

Mars transiting the house of Virgo transits to the zodiac house of Libra on November 29th. Libra happens to be the house of Venus. Mars with its impulsive energy would be kept in its goodness by Jupiter posited in Libra too.

Mars would be aspecting the Moon’s node in Capricorn and also the zodiac houses of Aries and Taurus. Most of the planets are free from malefic effects during this period. Hence the huge potential energy and power of Mars can be put to productive purposes.

Mercury Transits Scorpio –(November 1 – 23)

Mercury passing through the sign of Libra transits to the zodiac house of Scorpio on November 1. As its is quite strong here communications and other exchange of knowledge are emphasized for the period.

Now Mercury and Mars are in an exchange of houses with Mercury in the house of Mars and Mars in Virgo, the house of Mercury. Mercury is full of energy and Mars’ power helps us to be a bit more efficient during November.

Full Moon in Aries - November 3

The full Moon for the month of November occurs on November 3rd. Then Moon is at 18 deg Aries and Sun is at 18 deg Libra. Now Moon in Aries is in direct opposition to the planets Sun, Venus and Jupiter in the house of Libra ruled over by Mars.

The Moon in Aries also gets the strong aspect of Mars as well now. Moon aspecting the house of Venus, namely Libra emphasizes compassion and new learning through this period. A good time to keep pursuing forward, despite the obstacles en-route.

Venus Transits Scorpio –(November 26 – December 20)

Venus placed in its own house of Libra transits to the house of Scorpio on November 26th. Venus can be sighted a bit lower below the Sun in the eastern sky. Around December, Venus would move past Sun to appear in the evening sky around the February 2018. Though Venus is in the light of the Sun, it is actually placed in the secret darkness of the house of Scorpio. A good time to delve into the deepness of our relationships and connections here on planet earth.

Venus Transits Libra – (November 2 – 26)

Venus in Virgo moves over to the zodiac house of Libra on November 2nd. Libra already has Sun and Jupiter posited therein. Sun is debilitated in the house of Libra and hence Venus gets stronger due to this. Jupiter in Libra is also not a good position to reckon with though and hence Venus is pretty confidently placed in Libra for almost the entire month of November. Though Venus is with Sun in Libra, it is kind of away from Sun to suffer combustion now. However our social links might be affected a bit. Then around mid-November, the Sun transits to Scorpio when Venus and Jupiter would be left alone in Libra. Their exact conjunction takes place on November 12th. This would bring about the leaders and academic fraternity together for a greater cause of mankind. As Libra rules over creative pursuits, look over for some breakthrough here as well..

Sun Enters Scorpio – November 15

The Sun in Libra transits to the house of Scorpio on November 15 for a one month rendezvous there. The Sun which was debilitated in the house of Libra now gets strengthened and moves through friendly houses for a few months from now. Scorpio is knows for its stealth and secretive pursuits and Sun in Scorpio is likely to throw light into some of our lives’ hidden secrets and depths, hitherto obscure. As Scorpio is now free from Saturn's position, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, makes the house a little less impressive though on a negative note.. The Sun stays in Scorpio till mid-December 2017. Now the Sun would be aspected by Rahu or the Moon's node from Cancer. This might bring about some major changes in our lives though.

New Moon in Scorpio - November 18

On November 18th, the Sun and the Moon join together at 3 deg Scorpio. The Moon is said to be debilitated in the house of Scorpio and hence be prepared for some emotional and sensitive moves in your lives.

During the New Moon, our energy levels would be very low. Hence you are best advised to lay low and do some introspection. Find out ways to bring about a sense of purpose in your life. Though spiritual pursuits would be hindered, look out for some inspiration which is quite elusive for the day.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius -November 23

Mercury Enters Sagittarius- November 23 Mercury traversing Scorpio, gets into the zodiac house of Sagittarius on November 23rd. Here it joins the planet Saturn. It comes very close to Saturn within a degree distance on November 26th and then zips fast away. Mercury is bracing itself for the retrograde motion on December 3rd where it will come back to the house of Scorpio once again. The pre-shadow period of the Mercury Retrograde motion starts somewhere around the middle of November. The retrograde takes place at 6 deg Sagittarius and then Mercury gets direct on December end in the house of Scorpio.