Planetary Influences - April 2017

Saturn Retrograde–( April 5–August 25)

Saturn transiting the house of Sagittarius from January this year, goes retrograde on April 5th at 4 deg Sagittarius. This retrograde phase of Saturn lasts for about a period of 4 months. Then it returns to the zodiac house of Scorpio. Saturn is opposed by retrograde Jupiter in Virgo and Venus in the house of Pisces.

Saturn generally rules over all sorts of restrictions, consolidations and sorrows in life. Though this might make our life unpleasant, it helps us to balance out life between positive and negative energies. It helps us to view life from a different vantage point. The balance that Saturn brings about gives stability to our fragile life here on planet earth.

Part of the retrograde motion of Saturn occurs in Sagittarius and the other half in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio would have troubled you a lot. Now its transit in Sagittarius would bring us a huge relief. However do not forget Saturn in Scorpio as it helps us to approach life with lots of elasticity in our motives and plans.


Mercury Retrograde–( April 9–May 3)

Mercury moved over to the house of Pisces during the last days of March, 2017. On April 9th, it goes retrograde in Aries and retraces its path going direct again on the 3rd of May. This is the first of the three retrograde cycles of Mercury in year 2017. This is a time when we need to things over and over again and everything resulting in backlogs and frustrations.

The next cycle of retrograde of Mercury occurs in August and the last one happens in December 2017.

With Mercury going retrograde, around four planets are found to be retrograde with Venus, Saturn and Jupiter joining the bandwagon. This is a time when the energy levels of Mercury would be quite high, but makes sure that you double-check everything you venture into.


Full Moon in Virgo–April 11

The full Moon for the month of April occurs on the 11th at 28 deg Virgo. Moon would be joining the retrograde Jupiter in the house of Virgo then. The full Moon is also aspected by retrograde Venus and disposited by the retrograde Mercury. This would be a good time to look out for hidden knowledge and bring them to the fore.

During this Full Moon, Mars is the only inner planet that is not retrograde and is placed in its own house. This Mars is full of energy and this is a good time to bring our ideas into action or function. After attaining its fullness in Virgo, Moon moves over to the house of Libra which is a movable sign. This would help us to put things into motion that have been once put in the back-burner.


Mars Transits Taurus–(April 12–May 26)

Mars which was transiting its hometown of Aries now moves over to the house of Taurus ruled over by Venus and stays there for about six weeks. This would be a direct motion only. Mars in the house of Venus would give us the urge, the focus and the strength to pursue certain artistic inclinations ruled over by Venus.

Venus is now exalted in the house of Pisces. This adds to the energy of Mars being in sextile relation (60 deg) with it. Mars in Taurus would be aspecting the house of Leo with Rahu and Sagittarius with Saturn. Mars's influence over Rahu and Saturn might bring about some chaos to your world. There might be delays and hindrances unwarranted or un-called for in life. Sticking to artistic pursuits would help you to stem over this tide of negativity around and keeps you focussed on life's greatest tasks.


Sun Enters Aries–April 13

Sun enters the house of Aries on April 13th and would stay there till May 14th. Here Sun is said to be exalted. This is the time when the days begin to increase in length in the northern hemisphere, prompting planting of trees and plants, announcing the arrival of spring. Sun slowly approaches retrograde Mercury also in the house of Aries and the exact combustion of Mercury occurs on April 19th.

Sun in Aries is aspected by Rahu which is posited in Sun's house of Leo. Rahu would also be aspecting Saturn. However Sun seems to be stronger than Rahu and hence you would be able to come out of all sorts of confusions and darkness caused by Rahu or the moon's north-node.


Venus Direct in Pisces–April 15

Retrograde Venus in Pisces goes direct on the 15th of April. When it was retrograde, Venus allowed Sun to move past it and thus changed itself to the Morning star where it will be visible. The forward motion of Venus would be beneficial to us and then Venus moves towards the house of Aries. Venus is exalted here and this gives strength to our artistic pursuits and bring sour creativity to the fore. However Venus would be under the aspect of Retograde Jupiter in the house of Virgo and that would be an opposition. This opposition would bring about a better assimilation of our knowledge base for now.


New Moon in Aries–April 26

The Full Moon that happened on April 11th, slowly reduces in size and becomes a New Moon on 26th April, when Moon joins the Sun at 13 deg Aries. The New Moon would get the energy of the Retrograde Mercury as well in this time. The combination of Moon, Sun and Mercury would be supported by Venus in Pisces and Mars in Taurus, on either side of the house of Aries. This is a good time for love and charity to flourish in our lives.

It is best advised to spend the New Moon day in a solitude and quiet manner as the Sun would be extremely strong this time.


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