Planetary Influences - May 2017

Mercury goes Direct on May 3

As the month of May starts three planets would be retrograde namely, Jupiter would be in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Aries. On May 3rd, Mercury goes direct at 1 deg in the house of Aries. Then Mercury continues its regular motion in the house of Aries till the 3rd of June when it transits over to the zodiac house of Taurus.

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac cycle and hence represents the start or the initiation of anything new in our lives. With the energetic planet, Mercury transiting the house of Aries, this month would be a great time to start important projects or events in your life. The retrograde of Mercury would have delayed and impeded these tasks for quite sometime now though.

You can get those things that had gone haywire till now in the proper track now that Mercury has gone direct from retrograde. The retrograde movement of Mercury has brought it out of its combustion with Sun too. Anything related to Mercury like communication, academic pursuits and management would now see a good beginning as the month of May progresses.


Full Moon in Libra- May 10

The waxing Moon reaches its fullness in the house of Libra on May 10th at 27 deg which is a Wednesday. The ruler of Libra is Venus. And Venus is presently Exalted in the house of Pisces. This forebodes good tidings for us.

Now Sun is in Aries and Moon is in Libra- being in opposition thus favoring a full moon. Both are moveable signs and hence this would be a good time to get started in life. During the month of May, most of the planets are favourably disposed. Therefore things would move at a smooth pace with not much delays and hindrances for the time being.


Sun Enters Taurus- May 14

Once the full Moon of the month of May is over, the Sun which is exalted in the house of Aries, begins its transit to the house of Taurus and enters it on the 14th of May. Sun in Taurus is quite a different environment as Sun was somewhat more powerful in Aries. Hence if you need a final say or push on anything of importance then just do it before the 14th of May.

Sun now is in the domain of Venus, being the house ruler of Taurus. Venus is presently Exalted in the house of Pisces and is all powerful. Taurus already has Mars in it and hence there would be a hot and fiery combination in Taurus. A good time when things go on as planned and there would be no hiccups. However one needs to be cautious in the relationship front.

Sun in the house of Taurus, which is an earthy sign and being ruled by Venus, the feminine planet of love, we see that this is a highly potent and fertile time in our lives. Once Sun transits into the house of Taurus, it also escapes from the aspect of Rahu which is in Sun’s house of Leo. Sun in Taurus usually brings about a sense of clarity in things and events around us.


New Moon in Taurus- May 25

The Sun and the Moon join (conjunct) on the 25th of May at 11 deg Taurus forming a New Moon. It is better you unwind any activities you have been pursuing the day before the New Moon. For the day, stick to routine works only. However after the New Moon, that is after May 25th, you can start any new things in personal and professional life. These things will then start to grow and give results with time.

However Moon would be welcomed by the harsh energy of Mars in the house of Taurus. But then this would last for just one day or so as Mars would be transiting to the house of Gemini on the 26th . The effect of Mars would be nullified by the beneficial aspects of the Exalted Venus, from the house of Pisces.


Mars Enters Gemini - May 26

Mars which has been in the zodiac house of Taurus from the 12th of April transits to the house of Gemini on May 26th. Till now Mars would have received the beneficial effects of the Exalted Venus from the house of Pisces and the aspects of Jupiter.

Mars in Taurus also aspected Rahu and Saturn by the hard 4th and 8th aspects and kept their chaotic natures under check. Their current stations of Virgo and Aquarius sun signs would be have been the worst affected. Mars had been quite instrumental in keeping under control though situations might have been strayed by the erratic Saturn and Rahu.

On the 26th of May, Mars transits to the house of Gemini. There would be an exchange of houses with Mercury being in Mars’ house of Aries. And this continues till June 3rd when Mercury would be exiting Aries.

Being in the house of Gemini, Mars would be aspecting Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in the house of Sagittarius. Thus the dual signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are energized a lot in this time frame. This would be a good time when we put the high energy and passion of Mars into practical purposes. Jupiter and Saturn being aspected by Mars are both retrograde during May. This advises us to focus on certain areas of our life that need a re-look or re-furbish if the situation warrants the same. The fields that have been vying for your attention can now be looked into. And Mars would help you to do it more energetically with its great power and energy..


Venus Enters Aries - May 30

Venus which has been transiting the zodiac house of Pisces from January end this year would be transiting to the house of Aries on the 30th of May. It already shifted its stand as an evening star to a morning welcomer somewhere in April. Venus in Pisces was quite fruitful for us with it being exalted there and receiving the benefic aspects of Jupiter.

Venus entering Aries on the 30th would be staying there till the end of June. This would be a major transit as it involves the movement from the end of the zodiac cycle to the start. Venus rules over love and beauty and its stay in Pisces would have benefited us a lot in these areas. Now its movement to the house of Aries might be a little difficult as far as relationships are concerned.

Venus enters Aries with Mercury already posited therein. They would be aspected by Rahu here. Hence the areas of our lives ruled over by Venus, Mercury and Aries would be affected in the ensuing month of June. Venus staying in Pisces reaches the crest of exaltation on May 26th and this lasts for the whole day. This would be a great day for most of us. Relish the moments.


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