Planetary Influences - March 2017

Mars and Moon Enter Aries – March 1

Mars which has been loitering in the house of Pisces moves over to the house of Aries on March 1st. Being its own house, Mars spends its days here in Aries till April 12th, 2017. Mars is said to be very strong in Aries and hence these days are good and powerful for positive things in life.

However Mars would be receiving the aspects of Rahu or the Moon ’s North Node from the house of Leo. This might widen the aggressive nature of Mars in Aries. Agitations and negative tendencies are most probable during this time.

Also on March 1st, Moon would be joining Mars jumping fence from Pisces to the zodiac sign of Aries. This movement from a water sign to a fire sign holds greater importance. A good time to let go off of unnecessary things and start something anew and fresh.


Venus Retrograde in Pisces – (March 4 – April 15)

Venus which entered the house of Pisces on January 27th stays put there and starts it retrograde motion on the 4th of March. This makes our evening star disappear from the night and around April we would be able to see Venus as the rising star in the East. Then Venus would be visible in the eastern sky in the mornings for the rest of the year 2017.

During the same time, Jupiter is retrograde in the opposite house of Venus and this combined effect would be over-whelming. There would be a good conveyance of wisdom but confirming to social laws and interactions might be a hitch. Expect a boost to your knowledge as long as Venus is in retrograde. The dual zodiac signs get to gain a lot in the knowledge circle through this dual retrograde effect of planets.

A point to note is that Venus is placed in the house of Jupiter and is also exalted and hence has maximum energy levels. Between March 21st and 28th, Venus in Pisces comes in close contact with Sun with the conjunction taking place at Pisces 11 deg on March 25th, 2017. After the conjunction Venus changes its status as a evening star to become a morning star.

Around the end of March, the combination of Sun and Venus in Pisces controls how we interact with those around. Me, myself and personal space would be a question to be answered during these days.


Mercury Transits Pisces – (March 10 – March 26)

Mercury would be joining Venus in the house of Pisces on March 10th. With this the teaching and learning tasks associated would get a new boost. Though Mercury is debilitated in the house of Pisces, it would be held high thanks to the Exaltation of Venus in Pisces. Also the exchange of houses between Jupiter and Mercury would be a good point for the month of March from an astrological perspective with Mercury in Pisces, the house of Jupiter and Jupiter posited in Virgo, the house of Mercury.

Those into academics, research and studies would get a good morale this time of the month. The combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus would help us to learn a lot while Mars in Aries gives us the power and the commitment to proceed with a sort of discipline.


Full Moon in Leo – March 12

The Full moon for the month of March is due on the 12th and it occurs at 29 deg Leo. With Rahu or the Moon's north node nearby we could experience a temporary veiling of our perception of life and its matters.

The Full Moon occurring in Leo, the house of Sun is said to be ultimate with the Full Moon occurring on a Sunday, the day of the Sun. Also do note that Sun would be aspecting its own house of Leo from the zodiac house of Aquarius.


Sun Enters Pisces – March 14

Sun transiting the house of Aquarius transits to the watery house of Pisces on March 14th. There it would be joined alongside Mercury and Venus with the combination being aspected by Jupiter from the zodiac house of Virgo. With this transition, Sun would be escaping the third house of Saturn or Sani which is quite malefic for us. However the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter continues and the effects might be felt across the board for quite sometime.

Also Sun would come out of the aspect of Rahu or the Moon's North node which is another malefic aspect. This would bring about some warmth and nicety into our lives for now.

Venus which is in retrograde motion in Pisces would be conjuncting Sun on March 25th, however it escapes a strong combustion as it is at 8 deg north of the ecliptic. Hence the Sun's transition to the house of Pisces forebodes goodness for the whole month of March.


Mercury Transits Aries – (March 26 – June 3)

Mercury which is in the house of Pisces for quite a lot of time in March adding to our learning process enters the house of Aries on the 26th of March. It would go retrograde on the 9th of April. Mercury in the house of Aries is quite good with not much of any other planetary positions affecting it.

Mercury in Aries, the house of Mars along with Mars gives us the power and the aggressiveness to harness as much as knowledge or wisdom as possible. However this acquiring of knowledge might be hindered by the aspect of Rahu from the house of Leo to a certain extent. Check twice your plans as Mercury would be entering the shadow period of its retrograde motion as well.


New Moon in Pisces – March 27

The Moon transiting the house of Pisces would be joining Sun at 14 degree forming a New Moon for the month. The combination of Moon and Sun would be sharing their space along with Venus till the conjunction of Sun and Venus occurs.

This would be a good time to lay low, be quite and contemplate your future plans and actions. A period of inactiveness would be good though. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac cycle and the Moon and the Sun traversing this sign marks the end of certain things in our lives and signals the starting of new things. This would be a good time for renewal of our career and personal plans in life.


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