Planetary Influences - January 2017

Venus Transits Pisces –(January 27 – May 30)

New Moon in Capricorn- January 27

Mercury Direct in Sagittarius- January 8

Mercury which began its Retrograde motion in December 19, 2016 resumes its Direct motion on the 8th of January 2017. Mercury is the first planet to make a major move in the New Year. This happens in the house of Sagittarius which is ruled over by Jupiter. Jupiter is now in Virgo, the house of Mercury and thus Mercury and Jupiter are in an exchange of houses. This implies that there would be goodness in our academic and financial pursuits for the month and the ensuing one too.

As Mercury turns Direct, it would bring about a surge of energy levels and increase our efforts in communications and socializing. Mercury is strong now and those who have a strong natal presence of Mercury would feel the same this time. A good time to enjoy life and pursue your passions in academics and research.


Full Moon in Gemini - January 12

The Moon is in its waxing stage as the New year starts and this culminates as a Full Moon in the 12th of January. This takes place at 29 deg Gemini, the house of the planet Mercury. Moon's position now would further light up the Jupiter-Mercury pair which are in an exchange of houses. Also do note that this full Moon is devoid of major malefic afflictions and aspects for the time being. January 12th is a Wednesday which is ruled over by the planet, Jupiter. Hence a good time to plan for new events and bring about a sense of positive energy around.


Sun Transits Capricorn -(January 13 – February 12)

The Sun which was transiting, Sagittarius- the house of Jupiter now shifts to the zodiac house of Capricorn, the home of Saturn on the 13th of January. Thus Sun directly comes under the influence of Saturn. Capricorn, being an earthy sign is quite a tough place for Sun to handle, given the season prevailing.

As Sun moves through the house of Capricorn, Saturn its ruler would be shifting its position and this shift would be felt by Saturn as well. Capricorn being an earthy sign, forebodes hard work and commitment and calls you to indulge in the same this time of the year. This pronounces great rewards for you in coming days.


Moon in Libra - (January 19-20)

Moon in its waning stage reaches the zodiac house of Libra on the 10th of January. With this we have Rahu or the Dragon's head in Leo, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Capricorn and Venus, Mars and Rahu together in the house of Aquarius. This string of planets in adjacent houses of the zodiac cycle indicates a chain of events both on personal and mundane levels.

When planets are in adjacent houses like the above placement, they do not have the strength to post their individual effects, instead a collective effect would be felt by all across the board. Wait for something amusing, this time period...


Mars Transits Pisces -(January 20 – March 1)

On January 20th, 2017, Mars moves from the house of Aquarius to Pisces. This indicates a posse of string of planets extending from the house of Leo to the house of Pisces.

Mars would be in Pisces for about six weeks time, when it would be interacted by Jupiter from the house of Virgo. Mars also gets to aspect, Jupiter, however its influence would be less pronounced. Mars is knows for its aggressive and impulsive energy which would be subdued by the benefic Jupiter's aspect. Jupiter helps Mars to show its energy in a more disciplined manner now. Mars in Pisces, a watery signs also cools off the intense hot energy of Mars.

Mars in Pisces, might cause some accidents and occasional injuries for some. Be cautious. On 27th January, Mars would be joined by the friendly benefic Venus, which further makes Mars a little sober though.


Saturn Enters Sagittarius - January 26

More on Saturn transit or Sani Peyarchi

From November, 2014 Saturn was transiting the zodiac house of Scorpio. On January 26th, 2017 it would be moving onto the house of Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorpio would have given trouble to some zodiac natives. On the 26th of January, another set of natives are in for trouble this year. The last time Saturn or Sani visited the house of Sagittarius was in year 1987. Look for a repeat of events if you happen to remember year 1987 and its events.

Saturn would be in Sagittarius till June 20th when it moves back to Scorpio, in lieu of its Retrograde motion. Saturn in Sagittarius likely impact natives of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo. Saturn stays in Sagittarius till year 2020.

When Saturn transits to Sagittarius, it would be aspeccted by Rahu or the Dragon's head. Expect a twist and twirl in your life as Saturn transits the house of Sagittarius. Saturn also has an influence over Jupiter which rules over growth and expansion and has a chance to limit or derail the same for quite sometime.


Venus Transits Pisces -(January 27 – May 30)

Venus placed in the house of Aquarius during the New Year, moves over to the zodiac house of Pisces on the 27th of January. This is an exalted position for Venus and hence the effects would be beneficial and quite positive. Venus would be joined by Mars in Pisces as well.

However Mars has a short stint with Venus as it moves to the house of Aries on the 1st of March, 2017. This transit of Venus in the house of Pisces, would have a positive effect on the dual signs and the planets therein.


New Moon in Capricorn - January 27

Moon joins the Sun in the house of Capricorn ruled over by Saturn on the 27th of January forming a New Moon. This New Moon once again implies lesser energy levels when it is obscured from the earth's view. This would be a good time for good rest and low-energy demanding works.

Moon in Capricorn would be getting the aspect of Jupiter from Virgo. The New Moon being in Capricorn, the house of Saturn asks us to strike a balance between our mind and heart. When Jupiter and Saturn positively channel their energy then there would be good yields in our lives.


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