Effects of Saturn transit- Sani Peyarchi Palangal (2017-2020)

The transit or the Peyarchi of the planets in the zodiac sky is very important as they influence our lives directly, particularly the transit of Guru or Jupiter and Sani or Saturn is very important in astrology circles. Saturn takes about 30 years to go once round the zodiac sky. This indicates that Saturn spends about two and a

half years in one zodiac house before transiting to the neighbouring house and hence likely to make permanent marks in our lives.

In 2017, on the 26th of January Saturn or Sani transits from the house of Scorpio to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Guru or Jupiter and hence this transit of Saturn hold much significance in year 2017. Saturn in Scorpio implies power and justice. With Saturn in Sagittarius good times are ahead according to astrologers.

Saturn or Sani is generally termed as a malefic and harsh planet. But it being in Sagittarius, the house of the friendly Jupiter changes the whole story. Here it becomes more refined and principled. This is because the goodness of Jupiter is taken on by Saturn with all its grace. Those who have a strong placement of Jupiter and Saturn in their natal chart would be doubly blessed during this transit.

SaniPeyarchi 2017 - 2020

Signs that gain during this Saturn transit:

... Aries (Mesha)

... Gemini (Mithuna)

... Cancer (Kataka)

... Libra (Thula)

... Sagittarius (Dhuansh)

... Aquarius (Kumbam)

... Pisces (Meena)

Signs that perform average during the Saturn transit:

... Taurus (Rishabham)

... Scorpio (Vrisckhika)

... Capricorn (Makaram)

Saturn transit effect on Career in general:

Saturn transiting to Sagittarius, the house of Jupiter which rules over the career domain spells good omen for us. As Jupiter rules work and expansion this transit of Saturn would bring about goodness in our career fields. People would be able to perform their professional duties well during this Sani Peyarchi. As both Saturn and Jupiter rule over hard work and commitment it would bring good gains in our professional life along with financial success.

Saturn transit effect on Finances:

The general financial status of people would also improve with this transit of Saturn. This is because Jupiter would be entering the good house of Libra as well. Economy would preform well during this Saturn transit. The scope for accumulation of wealth would be more. Real estate deals likely to pick after the first half of year 2017.

Saturn transit effect on Relationships:

As Saturn transits from the house of Scorpio to the house of Sagittarius and stays there for about two and a half year period people would be able to settle down in more stable relationships. Previously Saturn or Sani in Scorpio would have marred and hindered the growth of positive personal relationships. Those waiting for marriage would find the period more conducive for the same.

Sani Peyarchi Palangal for 12 Signs for (2017 - 2020)



Saturn transit effects for Aries or Mesha Rasi natives

Saturn or Sani transits to the 9th house for Aries people this year. The 9th house rules religion, foreign travel and luck in general. This Saturn transit would bring about average results for Aries natives. Some Aries may feel delays and hindrances in their works. There would be a slow but steady progress in your life during this period. Foreign travel likely for some of you guys. Career and finances improve well but not phenomenal.

This Saturn transit extends from 2017 to 2020. From 2018 Aries natives would benefit much from the transit. Then there would be accumulation of wealth and money. Speculative deals and gambling however would bring losses in this time, hence beware. Gains from father or legacy is on the cards. Aries people would also see better career performance during this Saturn transit period.


Saturn transit effect for Taurus or Rishabha Rasi natives

During the transit of Saturn or Sani into the house of Sagittarius, it moves to the 8th house for Taurus natives. The 8th house is not generally a favorable station for the planets. This would not be a good placement for Taurus people. Saturn in the 8th house would bring about unexpected and unexplained expenditure for the natives. Also the conjugal and love life of the natives would suffer a lot during this transit. Law suits appear from nowhere. Also hidden agendas might mar goodness in your personal life. Be safe from frauds and cheating around.

However the second half of 2017 would bring about some betterment for Taurus natives. Spiritual pursuits and social works would give you the much needed relief in life. Though career performance would be good , health would be a major deterrent for your growth in general during this transit of Saturn. Sudden health issues might come in, hence be alert and take care of your physical and mental self.


Saturn transit effect for Gemini or Mithuna Rasi natives

Saturn would be transiting the 7th house of the Gemini or Mithuna Rasi natives during 2017 to 2020. This would prove goodness for the natives in general. Marriage and love would be fruitful during this transit period. Those particularly into business would be able to reap good gains from the same. Gemini people into services would also be able to prove their mettle in this time, though those into business would have an average performance.

Family life would bring about joy and happiness to the natives. Long pending foreign trips might materialize for some of you guys. Natives would get the good support of parents and siblings during this Saturn transit. However be cautious about health issues for parents and related medical expenditure.


Saturn transit effect for Cancer or Kataka Rasi natives

For Cancer people, Saturn or Sani would be moving through the 6th house during the transit in 2017. The 6th house rules over diseases, loans and enemies in life. Hence this transit would bring about health and financial issues to the fore, however you would be able to keep this under check. Natives likely to suffer from nervous issues, and are advised to take some mental works or meditation to relieve the same. Finances would be satisfactory and under check when Saturn transits.

For those Cancer guys who are willing to put in hard work, the financial and professional benefits would be good. Those into social and charity works would be able to get recognition in society. Despite Saturn in Sagittarius, their 6th house, Cancer natives would stay clear from loans, losses and frauds for the period ahead.


Saturn transit effect for Leo or Simha Rasi natives

During its transit in 2017, Saturn or Sani would be transiting the 5th house for Leo natives. The 5th house rules over children, their activities and academic prospects of the native. This Saturn transit forebodes birth of children in the family for Leo guys. Also many of you would be able to be successful in your educational pursuits.

If you are into research works then this would be your peak period. As the 5th house rules over love as well , Leo natives would be able to find the love of their life and enjoy conjugal bliss in this time period. Saturn together with Jupiter would confer marital happiness and financial security for the Leo folks during this transit period of Saturn.


Saturn transit effect for Virgo or Kanni Rasi natives

For Virgo natives, Saturn or Sani would be transiting their 4th house during year 2017. The 4th house rules over family and domestic welfare. This Saturn transit is not much favorable for the home affairs for Virgo guys. It would result in loss of peace at home, arguments and fights. But then property deals would materialize during the period.

There would be also some gains for Virgo natives during this Saturn transit. Career pursuits would be fruitful and you stand to get an upper hand over your enemies and troubles in life during the transit period. But then professional commitments would come in the way of your personal life and happiness. Children would be a great source of joy and happiness for Virgo guys as Saturn transits their 4th house of Sagittarius.


Saturn transit effect for Libra or Tula Rasi natives

Saturn or Sani transits the house of Sagittarius in 2017 which is the 3rd house for Libra natives. The 3rd house denotes communications, and siblings and the relationship with them. Hence this transit of Saturn would bring about a sense of confidence in your life thus boosting your communication skills. Name, fame and power is promised for you in your professional field. You stand to get the good connections of authorities and elders in society.

But then this transit is likely to affect the relationship with siblings. It is likely to bring about some misunderstandings and troubles with them. Libra guys get to earn much wealth, vehicles and landed property during this transit period however. There is the likelihood of births in the family in this time as Saturn would be aspecting their 5th house. Also long distance travel on the cards for some Libra period. Natives would be able to work hard in this time and this would bring about a sudden stroke of luck and fortune for many of you Libras.


Saturn transit effect for Scorpio or Vrisckhika Rasi natives

Saturn would be transiting the 2nd house for Scorpio natives during year 2017. The 2nd house rules over finances, wealth and family life in general. This would bring about some troubles and misunderstandings in your family life. Keep a control over what you say and do as this would bring about serious repercussion in your personal life in this time. The finances of Scorpio guys would be quite average as Saturn transits your 2nd house.

Avoid real estate deals for the period as also any sort of speculation or gambling. This forebodes losses for the native. Long distant travels are to be avoided and health should be given top priority in life. Any high-value purchases are to be avoided as trouble lurks around for Scorpio guys as Saturn transits your 2nd house of Sagittarius.


Saturn transit effect for Sagittarius or Dhanus Rasi natives

For Sagittarius natives, Saturn would be transiting their home turf during year 2017. This transit likely to cause frustration, laziness and harsh decisions by the Sagittarius natives. Domestic peace and welfare would suffer a lot and your ego is likely to be bruised as well in this time period. Many Sagittarius people would become a bit stubborn and fear would engulf them.

But then this transit would bring about betterment in the life of your siblings. Career performance would be good and the single ones are likely to get married as Saturn or Sani transits their natal house. There would be overall expansion in your professional and personal life. But then this comes at the cost of hard work and commitment on your part, Sag.


Saturn transit effect for Capricorn or Makara Rasi natives

During 2017, Saturn or Sani would be transiting the 12th house of Capricorn natives. The 12th house denotes expenditure, accidents and peace of mind in life. Saturn's transit over your 12th house would bring you unexpected expenditure from all quarters. Accidents are probable during travel and you are likely to experience unhappiness and loss of joy during this transit period.

Spiritual pursuits would give you peace and goodness in life if you are whole-heartedly into it. Income flow would be hindered and some natives would encounter occasional health issues. Do stay away from speculative deals and other sorts of investments as it is likely to burn your fingers. Also this transit would be against your travel plans, especially foreign trips and ventures are to be avoided for this period.


Saturn transit effect for Aquarius or Kumbha Rasi natives

During its transit in 2017, Saturn or Sani would be traversing the 11th house for Aquarius or Kumbha Rasi natives. The 11th house rules over gains, wealth due for the native. This indicates that Aquarius people would enjoy wealth, gains and many sources of income in this period. Your career performance would be good and you would earn and name and fame as Saturn transits your 11th house.

Foreign collaborations would be particularly rewarding and bring lots of gains in life. Real estate deals would turn out fruitful for the period. Unexpected income flow is probable for some Aquarius guys. As the 11th house denotes friendship, you stand to make new friends in life and gain benefits through them. Children would be a source of joy and happiness to those blessed with children.


Saturn transit effect for Pisces or Meena Rasi natives

For Pisces natives, Saturn or Sani would be transiting the 10th house of Sagittarius as it moves through the zodiac sky. The 10th house stands for the career prospects of the native. This indicates that Pisces people would find good gains in their career field. There would be more stability in your professional life. Property would fetch you much prosperity in this time period. The seeds you sow in this period would yield fruits in the coming years. Hence give in all your might.

This Saturn transit would help you to consolidate your professional standing. However hard work and commitment would be asked from your side. Major responsibilities would come for your shoulders in this time. Foreign travel on the cards for some lucky Pisces. Your spiritual life would get a new revamp and mental peace and harmony would be achieved in life. The position of Saturn with the present position of Jupiter proves highly fortunate for you Pisceans. Marriage and love relationships however needs to be handled with care as trouble lurks around here in this area.