Planetary Influences - August 2017

Full Moon - Partial Eclipse in Capricorn: August 7

The waxing Moon from late July becomes Full on August 7th, a Monday. This happens at 22 deg Capricorn. A partial Eclipse is also due as the luminaries Sun and Moon are joining the nodal axis comprising of Rahu and Ketu or the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail. During this time Capricorn gets the aspect of Saturn from Scorpio and Jupiter from the zodiac house of Virgo.

Mars is presently debilitated in the house of Cancer, the house of Moon. This would bring about an emotional imbalance. However the benefic aspects of Jupiter on Moon soothes the spirit and brings about a stable environment around. Generally Eclipses are periods when major restructuring happens, hence be ready for some in your lives through the month. Though some negative energy lingers around, it would bring about changes that have been long overdue.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo: August 13

In June and July, Mercury would have raced across the zodiac signs. Now as the month of August unfolds, it slows a bit, then stops on August 13th to start its retrograde movement at 18 deg of Leo. For the next three weeks time Mercury stays retrograde and then goes Direct on September 5th. This retrograde Mercury would be aspected by Retrograde Saturn from the zodiac house of Scorpio. Retrograde Saturn is known to slow down processes while Retrograde Mercury has a speedy energy level. Hence things would be a lot stable these days. In other words some kind of temperance can be experienced in our lives due to this aspect.

The Mercury retrograde period an best utilized for reworking some of our plans, and re-organizing things in life. Revision of ambitions and tasks would be a good bet too. On August 25th, the retrograde Saturn turns direct and hence the effect on Retrograde Mercury would be quite mitigated. Then on August 26th, Mercury would be joined by the transiting Mars from Cancer into Leo. Hence some sort of power and high-energy drive can be experienced this time.


Sun Enters Leo : August 1

As retrograde Mercury hovers in Leo, the Sun joins the band. Sun is in its native house of Leo now and hence its effects gets boosted. Sun in Leo would be aspected by Saturn from Scorpio. This would be a great headache for our individual pride and ego being ruled over by Sun. Saturn tends to kill the "I" syndrome and brings about a balance in our lives.

On August 26th, Mars also enters the house of Leo and makes the battle for self-esteem still more vigorous. Mars and Sun together in the fiery sign of Leo makes tempers to fly around, there might be a clash of egos as well. However Saturn's aspect on this fiery combination lets things to meltdown to reality and slows down things.


Rahu-Ketu Transit Cancer-Capricorn: August 2017

In mid- August, probably around the 18th or the 19th, Rahu and Ketu would be transiting to the houses of Cancer and Capricorn from the zodiac houses of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. They would be stay put there till March 2019. This transit of Rahu and Ketu is vital in our lives and influences the different moon signs differently.


Venus Transits Cancer : August 20

Venus would be spending the first part of August in the house of Gemini. This is the house of Mercury. Hence your creativity would be clubbed with your excellent communication skills which would bring you to the fore in your areas of interest or expertise. Mercury and Venus naturally have an affinity.

Then on August 20th, Venus enters the house of Cancer, joining Rahu and Mars there. Though Venus finds the house of Cancer normally conducive for relationships, there might be some challenges being put up by Mars and Rahu. Some unexpected events are likely in this period.

After August 26th, Mars moves out of Cancer, and hence Venus would have to put up with Rahu alone. Till September 14th, Venus stays in the zodiac house of Cancer.


New Moon- Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: August 21

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse takes place. This would be mostly visible in the US and adjoining countries. Generally eclipses are found to bring about major disruptions in our routine life impacting us based on our natal placements. The United States of America is scheduled to bear the major brunt of this.

The total solar eclipse is a New Moon, where the Sun's rays are being blocked by the Moon for a particular time period. This eclipse is predicted to cause major shake-ups in countries across the globe.


Saturn Resumes Direct Motion :August 25

Retrograde Saturn resumes its direct motion at 28 deg Scorpio on the 25th of August. The retrograde Saturn was moving slow for quite sometime and as it starts to go direct it slows down still more. Hence it lingers on in the final degrees of Scorpio for a month or two. Next time, Saturn visits Scorpio would be after 26 years only. Hence this would be a good time to learn the lessons taught by Saturn or Shani in Scorpio.

It is to be noted that Saturn was in Scorpio from November 2014.


Mars Transits Leo :August 26

Just like the Sun transiting from Cancer to Leo, Mars zips past Rahu to enter the house of Leo from Cancer on the 26th of August. With this Mars, Sun and retrograde Mercury are present in the zodiac house of Leo. Sun and Mercury are conjoined at 10 deg Leo. This house of Leo also experienced the solar eclipse just a couple of days before. Hence there would be a volatile atmosphere in most of our lives. Situations would be very aggressive and impulsive.

Add to this Mars in Leo aspects the Saturn in the house of Scorpio. This is also a powerful aspect. Saturn denotes a slow and cautious approach while Mars stands for courage and impulsiveness. A good balance ought to be found here for goodness in life.


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