Planetary Influences - September 2017

Mars in Leo

Mars stays put in the house of Leo all through the month of September which it entered around the last few days of August 2017. It would be leaving the zodiac house of Leo on October 13th only. This would add some fire to the already fiery Mars as it is aspected by Saturn from the house of Scorpio.

Mars is full of energy and pushes us ahead in life while Saturn in Scorpio brings about a sense of stability and holds us back. Saturn tends to restrict our moves in general. Here a good balance is set where we can tread ahead safely. But then be cautious of your moves and stick to your guts this season as Mars ventures in the zodiac house of fiery Leo.


Mercury goes Direct in Leo- September 5

Mercury that has been Retrograde in the house of Leo from August 12th, turns Direct on September 5th. On September 5th, Mercury pauses at 5 deg Leo for quite sometime and then continues with its regular motion. This would bring Mercury in a close encounter with Mars already transiting the house of Leo.

Then On September 16th, Mercury gets into conjunction (0 deg) with the fiery Mars in Leo and there might be possible chances of fireworks in relationships and professional areas. Mars and Mercury continue their close encounter till around the 20’s of September. Though they may not be quite friendly the intense energy of the Direct Mercury and the organizing skill of Mars would bring about success in life. Professional works are greatly emphasized this period. Mercury would be leaving the house of Leo for Virgo on the 26th of September to reach Libra.


Full Moon in Aquarius- September 6

As September starts the Moon would be waxing and gets full at 20 deg Aquarius. During this Sun would be in the opposite sign of Leo at 20 deg. And this happens on September 6th. This Full Moon is strong with no malefic conjunctions. It would be just receiving the benefic aspects of Mars and Mercury now placed in the zodiac house of Leo. With Moon in Aquarius and the combination of Sun, Mars and Mercury in the house of Leo, this would be a good time to clean up things, be it personal and professional.


Jupiter Transits Libra-( September 11, 2017 – October 10, 2018)

September 2017 holds greater significance in the sense that Jupiter or Guru would be transiting to the house of Libra. For the past one year period, Jupiter was travelling through the house of Virgo right from August 11, 2016. Jupiter takes about 12 to 13 months to travel through one zodiac house of the celestial sky. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion and knowledge. Hence its transit through the various zodiac houses affects our lives based on our individual natal placements. Major changes are expected every year as Jupiter transits.

On September 11, 2017, Jupiter or Guru moves into the sign of Libra or Tula, an air sign, and from there will affect all of the air signs namely, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. This transiting Jupiter stays in Libra till March 8, 2018 and then goes retrograde in the same house on that day. Then in July 10, 2018 it resumes direct motion only to exit Libra to Scorpio on October 11, 2018.

Jupiter transiting to the house of Libra, that is the house of Venus signals goodness in our academic pursuits and social ventures. Jupiter in Libra also escapes the effect of Saturn and Rahu and hence it is favorable and enhances growth in our lives.


Venus Transits Leo –(September 14 – October 9)

Venus that has been transiting through Cancer for the first two weeks of September, moves over to the zodiac house of Leo on September 14th and stays there till October 9th, 2017. Venus thus enters the bandwagon comprising of Sun, Mars and Mercury already posited in the house of Leo. Though Venus is a benefic planet and calms situations, it might be feel hemmed on either sides.

Around the end of September, Sun and Mercury would be exiting Leo, leaving behind Venus with the fiery Mars. Venus in Leo would be quite an affair to forebode given that Leo had been the scene of heightened activity with the eclipses in August 2017. This would be an apt time to go for some rejuvenation of sorts. Also Sun and Venus together in Leo would bring about rift between the self and others. A period that can be best spend in relaxing, take long breaks, go on a nature trail and the like for this period.


Sun Enters Virgo -September 16

Sun transiting its own house of Leo till now would be moving over to Virgo, the house of Mercury. Sun would be leaving behind Mercury, Mars and Venus in its own house of Leo. This would be a good exchange of houses with Sun in the house of Mercury and Mercury in the house of Sun, being Leo. This would help increase the power and strength of both Mercury and Sun during the period. Sun rules over personal expressions and Mercury stands for analytical bend and these two would get a good boost due to the exchange of houses.

Sun in Virgo is devoid of any malefic associations and afflictions- a good time for us. Virgo natives stand to gain a lot with this movement of the Sun through Virgo.


New Moon in Virgo- September 19

On September 19th, 2017 the luminaries Sun and Moon come together at 4 deg of Virgo forming the New Moon. This New Moon is hemmed by Jupiter in Virgo on one side and the combination of Mars, Venus and Mercury in Leo on the other side. The New Moon is devoid of major malefic afflictions now. This New Moon would bring to the fore certain secrets and obscure events to the light.

This is a good time, when almost all the planets are found along just one side of zodiac cycle. A time to focus on the tasks at hand and proceed forward with strength and stamina.


Mercury Transits Virgo-( September 26 – October 13)

On September 5th, the retrograde Mercury would be turning direct in the house of Leo and proceeds with its onward journey through the zodiac houses. On September 26th, Mercury would be transiting to the house of Virgo and stays there till October 13.

Mercury is at its greatest in the house of Virgo and hence all things connected with Mercury like communications, commerce and learning get boosted. The Mercury-Sun combination in the house of Virgo is a good time when communications flow smoothly and there would be some level of confidence around.