2009 Horoscope - Sagittarius

By nature, your outgoing, optimistic charming ways tend to attract VIP's and persons in powerful positions. This year will be no exception either, Sagittarius. You are due to gain recognition in your professional life, and sexual and romantic satisfaction will follow close behind. Your public image and professional affairs will demand extra time and responsibilities but the rewards that follow will be worth it.
Don't be surprised if you suddenly want to start or end a relationship in January. Music will play and home affairs may dominate more than you expected throughout the year. The signs of Taurus, Libra and Scorpio will play important roles in these areas. Love and sex will tend to be all or nothing for you in 2009.

You radiate the right combination of social charm and possess charismatic beauty to lure pretty much anyone in for a one-night stand at the very least. Here is the weird news, Sagittarius. During this year one-night stands and casual sex will not appeal or contain the allure they did in 2008. A Virgo, Leo or a Pisces could change your mind at the last minute so try not to make promises you cannot keep to your sex or love partners during this adventurous and highly erotic year. You will have more opportunities for sex than you know what to do with, Sagittarius. Make certain you know whom that person or special playmate really is inside as opposed to their outer beauty and that you can trust them implicitly.

Year 2009

Finish what you start and step out of the haze you have been calling your love life. A Cancer or Aquarius may spill your intimate secrets and you may not be there to defend yourself. Make sure that if you want your private life to remain private, be exclusive with your words. The sign of Sagittarius is connected naturally with luck. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck, you tend to be lucky in travel and money and 2009 will be no exception. You will find January to be an action packed month and there will be celebrations and other adventures on your personal agenda during this fantastic month for sex and love. Love will make you smile and sex will be especially memorable with a Virgo, Leo or Pisces. There will be talk of moving in with someone special.

Perhaps, this will be a year that you do settle down and get serious once and for all, Sagittarius. You will be working hard for your money. Hold your fire when your heart tells you and practice restraint. A Cancer or a Pisces could light your sexual fire in July. You can make a fortune with Scorpio in September. The chaotic energies of October's eclipses will find you skipping town for an overdue vacation. Bring an Aries or another Sagittarius for laughter and good times. November will find you concerned with your marital status if you are single, and married Sagittarians can expect to feel like newlyweds throughout 2009. December will bring surprise gifts, good news and good will from your nearest and dearest. You are going to get your way after all. People will look to you as a role model in December.