2009 Horoscope - Gemini

This is the time to get down and dirty when it comes to serious business both in and out of the bedroom, Gemini. In 2009 with a massive buildup of energy in so many crucial areas of your life, it is imperative that you to step away from the dramas surrounding you and focus on the details of every agreement. Get commitments in writing and make sure you have signatures.
Legal matters could dominate down the line if you are not extra cautious with your relationships, both personal and professional this year. Be sure that you see relationships as they are and not how you desire them to be. Focus on making yourself emotionally and financially secure and be happy with who you really are. Whatever your current role is at the moment there were times in 2008 where you may have experienced some chaos in a very significant relationship and wondered whether things would change.

Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something and wants you to figure it out for yourself. You may have begun to feel this intense influence. Be aware that certain people may be keeping secrets from you. These people for whatever reasons feel that this is for your own good. If you are persistent however, they will eventually come around and share them with you. Be patient and persistent, Gemini! You will notice that Aries and Libra are your closest friends during this year. They could teach you things you have wanted to learn but never had the opportunity until now. Traveling with a Sagittarius will be lucky for you this year. If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius or another Gemini, you could be lucky together this year.

Year 2009

You may suddenly receive an inheritance or experience another type of sudden financial luck. Ruled by Mercury, you tend to fall in and out of love easily. You, Gemini, more than any other sign, have the capacity to bounce back from any failed romances rather quickly. If you are married, year 2009 could bring some misunderstandings and dissention in 2009. If you are determined to make a marriage work, this is the year to travel together and make extra special efforts. Single Gemini's will have thrilling adventures in sex and could find true love during the period of January- February.

You will play a very important role in teaching others lessons this year, Gemini. You could be the musician, actor, writer, entertainer and star of any show. You will mesmerize groups of people, not just one person. Keep your wits about you during March and April when the spotlight will shine directly on you. You will notice that the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces play important roles in your home and sex life this year. Summer will stir up sentimental thoughts of long ago and far away and the desire to travel. You could visit a foreign country, experience new culture, learn a new language or suddenly want to relocate. Think big and your dreams will follow in 2009, Gemini!

You will find 2009 to be the most romantic, prosperous year and it will bring financial worries to an end. The year end will bring peace with former adversaries and you will be lucky in love as the next year approaches. The best is yet to come for you.