2009 Horoscope - Aquarius

There are going to be some radical developments in your life this year, Aquarius. This is good news so you can relax and expect cash, love and your sex life to rapidly expand throughout 2009. January will be a warming up phase when issues of home and love will take precedence and new routines will be put into motion. You shouldn't be surprised at how many changes are coming your way for the better, Aquarius.

A creative project begun last year could bring more money and prestige than you possibly ever could have imagined. The signs of Aries, Cancer and another Aquarius will help with professional life and be lucky for you in money matters this year. The only problem you could encounter will be a tendency to procrastinate and be lazy where love and money are concerned. Think before you speak and make certain that your loved ones understand that everyone needs an occasional day off. Try not to give in to these sudden tendencies especially in areas relating to love and money. You will find romance to be foremost on your mind throughout the year.

Year 2009

You could start out the year with someone new or you could be in love and possibly get married in the beginning of the year. January, February and March will be your most memorable months of the year for sex and love. You could change your residence or you could change your marital status. Married or single, your desire for security and your marital status will play an important role in your thoughts throughout the year. You may be very cozy with a Libra, Capricorn or Pisces. With Libra there will be attraction and a love relationship that may result in marriage. Capricorn will intrigue you and you could become friends fast and fall in love even faster. A Pisces will share secrets or you may learn about the secrets of others through a Pisces.

February, March and September will be your most prosperous times for money and your love life. You will be the winner and luck will be evident during these magical months. You could also be on the verge of fame and fortune during these stellar months. You are astrologically fated to have your every wish granted during these powerful and prosperous months of 2009. You will find that during April you have more friends than you imagined. There will be increased activity with friends, short trips and relatives in your home. Try to get along with a Taurus and a Libra during April and September. If you want to avoid controversy or drama, it will be in your best interest to draw territorial lines from the very start with either of these signs. A Virgo and a Scorpio will become your allies during April.

You could be starting a new life or a new business with a Leo or a Sagittarius in May. Since you have so much planetary support behind you, this shouldn't interfere with your ability to balance work and play during this life-changing year. June could find you dealing with last minute changes and sudden beginnings and endings. During July an Aries, Libra or Sagittarius will help you restore the budget, and home life will be a major focus for you. Regard August as your most challenging month of the year. Caution is required as you could learn the secrets of others and surprises of those closest to you. Pay attention and check the facts with a Leo, Libra and another Aquarius during this month. There could be secrets related to money and you could be directly involved. September will be a great time for travel and leisure. You may want to explore exotic places or revisit familiar places. A Virgo does care and will prove it this month.

A Cancer or a Capricorn could ask for a second chance during October. October and November will be months to focus on health and fitness. This year will bring out a domestic, loyal and quite conservative side of you, Aquarius. Your friends, relatives and family may not even recognize the new you at times. This won't bother you at all because during December you will be celebrating your luck, watching your money grow and you will be at peace with your love and sex life.