2009 Horoscope - Libra

This is going to be a monumental year for you in love and romance, Libra. Some major changes with regard to your marital status have arrived finally and will change your future for the best and exceed beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. Focus on creativity, music and a strong love relationship with someone very special to your heart throughout 2009.
A Cancer, Leo or a Pisces will make your heartbeat that much faster and you may find true romance with one of these signs. A Sagittarius may be sexy but friends and relatives will interfere in this relationship.

You will feel like going here, there and everywhere with your significant other. If you are single, this is the time to get going, Libra. You are destined to meet someone who will jump at the chance to take you out of a lonely situation. There will be an excess of energy during early January, but relax because love is never far away if you are a Libra. Slow down in February because this month is all about domestic tranquility. This could be a year when you will find a home, create a family or get married. You can and will accomplish all you set out to do this year with regards to both love and sex. You can establish new relationships in March that could change your life forever.

Year 2009

Remember also that April is considered your low energy month due to the Sun's transit of Aries. You can and will be happy in love but not so happy with your job, health and energy levels. May should be a relaxing month and you can expect to spend much of your leisure time with friends and family during the Taurus transit. Don't let that Taurus boss you around during June. Try to extend forgiveness to any previously troubled relationships. An Aries, Gemini or Scorpio could help mend a relationship that has been on the fence. You will enjoy spending time with an Aries and a Scorpio during the summer months. These signs love to party with you. Gemini likes to get down and will want to have more than sex with you.

Romance will speed up and you could be getting married during this lucky romantic streak. Jupiter brings luck to all areas of romance and it also promotes enthusiasm and optimism with regard to your outlook about love. You will experience love, laughter and energy in spades during the last quarter of 2009. You will be spending more time and attention to friends and family than normal during the year although you will want to focus on home issues and security instead. There is enough of you to go around, Libra. November will focus on travel or a possible vacation to a far away land. Plan a trip in November for best results. Make sure you double-check facts, figures and numbers. Towards the year end you will have found the ideal job in your chosen profession. There will be news of much more money on the way. You will feel enlightenment and be very encouraged by your progress, both personal and professional as 2009 winds down. Peace and harmony will prevail in 2009.