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Findyourfate   .   17 Nov 2022   .   3 mins read

What happens when Saturn transits?

When Saturn transits it would be a time for life lessons. Things slow down, there would be delays and hindrances of all sorts around. We would be made to face reality head-on and this makes us mature with experience and wisdom.

How long does a Saturn transit in a house last?

Saturn is a slower moving planet, spending about 2 1/2 years in each zodiac sign.

Which house transit of Saturn is good?

Saturn transit in the seventh house is considered to be very auspicious. This is the house of partnership and marriage. This transit through the 7 th house makes us more disciplined and organized.

How do you survive a Saturn transit?

Give yourself some time to retract back. Make use of the opportunities that come your way and avoid being pessimistic.

So, what exactly does Saturn transit mean?

The transit of planets through the zodiac cycle shall affect our lives according to astrology.

There would be both benefic and malefic effects due to the different planets.

The planet Saturn also called as Sani in Indian Astrology is a very powerful planet that affects our lives. In particular it affects us when it enters our Moon sign or Rasi.

Do’s and Don’ts for Saturn Transit

Dos: Start new initiatives, use new opportunities, work hard, focus on spiritual growth during Saturn transit period.

Don’ts: Avoid pessimism, wrong actions, procrastination, conflicts at home and work, laziness.

No matter how much you fight, a Saturn transit is very intense and needs to be worked against, it would not be fun but is worth the effort.

So what really works with Saturn transits

The getting of wisdom and maturity via professional ways.

Study or learn skills.

Fat reduction or slimming procedure.

Debt Reduction

Giving up things or people that are bad for you.

Sleep hygiene or routine can be brought about.

Do note that with every Saturn transit, you are being taught some important life lessons. The sooner you learn the lesson, the better. Even if it feels tough, keep going. Try to re-learn the patterns that life offers.

If the transit of Saturn forms a trine or sextile then it would be an easier phase for you, you would mature gracefully. However if the transits form squares and opposition- some hard aspects then you are in for trouble. You would be taught lessons the tough way. Whatever it is, you learn in life.

Each Saturn transit presents a period of low when we feel guilty and troubled. But our commitment and self-understanding would ultimately pay off in the long run. Saturn transits always bring with it joint, neck issues. Be prepared to handle it.

How to survive a Saturn transit

Learn to say “No”

Saturn in general loads us with much responsibilities, much than we can handle. This might burden and start stressing us. Hence learn to set healthy boundaries for you. Always be ready to say “no” to something that you cannot handle or is beyond your realm. In a way Saturn helps you in creating these boundaries.

Strategize your tasks

During a Saturn transit, we ought to plan our tasks and create a list of items or chores to perform. But make sure that the list is viable, you can be able to try that without feeling overwhelmed. A better approach would be to chop the large chunk of work into small bits and pieces that are easy to chew. At the end, these small steps would complete your task that seemed quite like a mountain in front of you.

Prioritize self-care

During the Saturn transit time, you might need to tread over tough paths. At that time do not let your own self to suffer. Instead pamper your self, indulge in the luxuries that you like, spend quality time with family and friends that would nourish you. Saturn generally pushes us towards solitude, but with company we would not be afraid and would get timely help when in need.


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