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Mesmerising  .  12 Nov 2022  .  0 mins read   .   414

Artist: Mesmerising

Professional singer-songwriter, from Italy. Can sing in Italian, English, French, and Spanish. Had won 2 Akademia Music Awards in Florida in 2016 with 2 songs. Has sung in many parts of the world: U.S.A., U.K., Ibiza, Madagascar, and many other places. In the music world since 2001.

Stanley Music Production


I’m the first  

and I m on fire

Mars rules my life, my being

It all begins at the spring equinox

the Sun in rise, Venus in exile and Saturn in fall. 

My color is red. 

under my influence you will have energy and courage 

but that is not all 

you will win every competition because you will be a warrior. 

for each new challenge 

and passion will never fail 

do not let yourself go to aggression and obstinacy 

i don’t like spiritual values but intellectual 

'A straight line is the shortest distance between two points 

I don't waste my time and energy beating around the bush, I go straight to the point, and leave the bodies where they fall 

I give you a Diamond stone it brings you luck

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