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This would be a generally good year for Simha Rasi people but would have many highs and lows. As the year starts things would be good for the natives. But the position of Saturn in your 6th house would bring about troubles from enemies. Rahu in your 10th house and Mars in the 9th house ensures that career success is achieved. Much luck and fortune shall come for you. However, Simha people into business might incur occasional losses, hence be cautious. Your finances would be good as your 2nd house is strong for the year 2024.This would be a good period to plan some high-value investments like into gold and real estate. But stay away from speculative deals that might burn your capital. Simha people might have some health concerns for the year ahead. Love and marriage would also not do much well. But then the single Simha people might get married. Mid-year would favor the natives to buy their dream home or luxury vehicle.

Simha- Health Horoscope for 2024

Simha Rasi people or Leo Moon sign folks would have some health issues for the year ahead. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter would sure bring about health concerns and hence natives are advised to stay cautious. Natives of this Rasi would have issues with the stomach and limbs, hence they need to look out for their diet and physical regimen. The year might also bring in seasonal allergies and flu-like symptoms for the Simha people. These health issues are likely to linger on all through the year, but with no major impacts on life. Chronic issues stay to haunt you as well through the year. Health of loved ones would also be an eye-sore in 024.

Simha- Love and Marriage Horoscope for 2024

Simha Rasi people are promised with goodness and happiness in their love and marriage for the year 2024. Especially mid-year would be an ideal time when there would be much warmth and romance in your relationships. That would be a good time to get married to a partner of your interest as well. For the first and the last quarter of 2024, your love might meet with hindrances. Some of you ought to survive long-distant relationship all this year with no sight of meeting your partner. Mutual commitment and understanding would do wonders in your life. The married ones encounter some hiccups in their conjugal life periodically through the year. Wholesome devotion to spouse would take away the stress from life. There would be marital issues for the first three quarters of the year despite all efforts. Attending to the needs and desires of your partner or spouse would bring betterment through the year.

Simha- Career Horoscope for 2024

With Rahu or the Moon’s North Node in your 10th house of Taurus for the year, there would be goodness in your career field. All your efforts towards professional growth would be successful. You would prevail despite compatibility issues with authorities or peers in work place. Be cautious of frauds, false allegations and enemies in work place. Saturn in your 6th house might bring some hurdles in your career path through the year. Remain positive, be faithful and commit to your work all along. Mid-year would see overseas travel owing to career for some Simha people. Beware of your finances for the year as there might be occasional hitches. Those into business would not find the year feasible enough for their future plans. Mars in your 11th house around mid-year would bring about rifts in work place. Keep working undaunted all this year.

Simha- Finance horoscope for 2024

The finances of Simha Rasi people would be a mixed bag for 2024. Natives are in for huge unwanted expenditure of sorts affecting the stability of your finances. Try to bring about a balance between your inflow and outflow of funds. This is a great time to plan some long-term investments, however stay away from run-of-the-mill enterprises. Businesses meet with huge losses. Hence manage your ventures with the available resources and do not go in for large loans and debts. Around mid-year Simha Rasi people would see multiple sources of income on their way. The second half of the year would bring financial security for the natives. You are asked to manage your resources with responsibility and for social causes instead of flowing them down the drain on unwanted spends.

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