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Findyourfate   .   13 Aug 2021   .   3 mins read

We have seen couples being so in love and then getting divorced.However, what if we tell you that astrology already gives you the red signal if there is anything wrong with your marriage? There can be hundreds of causes of divorce but if you are an astrology-lover, bad timing and bad place of planets is a quite frequent cause. 

So, ready to learn some marital astrology with us? Let’s dive right into the causes of divorces according to astrology and how certain planets can affect your happy married life.


Scientists have wanted to land on Mars, but little do they know that it is not at all a lucky planet. If Mars is in the 7th house, it is going to make things pretty worse. In the 7th house, Mars makes you very aggressive, and you start fighting with your better half. 

These fights can get pretty ugly as Mars is also known as the planet of quarrel. So, the fights caused by Marsoften end up in divorces, and the cases continue in courts for several years. Mars can also give you a delighted married life, but it all depends on its present house.


Ego can break even the happiest of marriages, and the flag bearer of ego is the planet of Sun. If your sun is in the 1st or 7th house, it can potentially be a threat to your married life. Sun is very dominant, so it will begin to reflect these things through you. You will become dominant and authoritative and start commanding your spouse, which can cause many problems. 

Things do not end with fights only; the sun will further worsen the situation if it is in 1st and 7th house by eventually resulting in divorce so next time you blame your spouse for the divorce, know that it was Sun. 

Jokes apart, this planet does not spare you even after divorce, and it continues to make you toxic, and you start blaming your partner, and the fight between partners influenced by Sun often results in judicial matters. 

There is another threat along with the sun, and it is Venus with the sun in any particular house like 7th, your divorce is inevitable as these two, getting along is not healthy for your marriage.


Rahu is a cursed planet, and it is known to be the planet of separation. If your Rahu is in the 7th house, it will result in divorce one way or another. Also, people who have Rahu in their 7th house of sex become more active sexually and are more likely to be involved with multiple partners. 

So, Rahu makes you a cheater basically and you end up having an extra marital affair.Most of the divorces caused by this planet are because of cheating or polygamy. Divorce is inevitable when you find your partner cheating, so of course, Rahu plays all its cards right. 


It won't be wrong if we call Saturn a slow poison because it corrupts your relationship slowly but successfully. Saturn is excellent at making people bitter with each other, so if it is unfortunately found in your 1st or 7th house, our sympathies are with you because it will make you very suspicious and bitter with your spouse. This bitterness often leads to trust issues among spouses and end up becoming significant causes of divorce.

It also results in abrupt fights and grudges, which are not healthy for a relationship at all. Saturn can also make you barren, so you cannot have a child, which is another trending reason for divorce nowadays. Though these fights do not always end up divorce, and sometimes couples just become bitter and do not have the same bond as before, most of the time, people get divorced due to the conspiracies of this planet. 


We guess this was a lot of star talks so well; we hope this article helped you get your desired information and cheer you up a bit because smiling would not cost you anything but 7th house would. Also, visit your astrologer frequently to get a solution if you are going through any of the above problems. Don’t worry because you are going to do great, just trust your planets. We wish you good luck with your happy life ahead.


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