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The bright color and brilliant luster of yellow sapphire makes it a beautiful and mystical gemstone in the mineral kingdom. This munificent gemstone draws its metaphysical powers from the planet of Jupiter. As such, natural yellow sapphire stone bestows prosperity, health, and wisdom on its possessors. This mesmerizing gemstone has unique color characteristics and charm that never fails to work their spell.

However, finding the original yellow sapphire for astrological reasons can be tricky. There are many quality factors to identify original yellow sapphire. You can follow the guide given below to get the stone you need at reasonable prices.

Make a Color Assessment

The shades of yellow sapphire vary from light pastel yellow to deep golden yellowish color. The brighter stone with an intense hue are valued higher than other varieties. If the stone has tints of colors like golden, green, or orange, the value of stone slightly diminishes.

Since the color spectrum of yellow sapphire is so wide, you need to assess and identify the pure hue when looking for a stone appropriate for astrological purposes. The canary yellow color with deep saturation, bright hue, and medium tone is the most revered type of this gemstone. It is usually found in the mines of Sri Lanka, and it’s a rare gemstone.

Determine the Clarity

The quality and pricing of precious gemstones rely heavily on their transparency and clarity. When it comes to valuation, original Pukhraj with higher transparency will fetch high prices if the stone is totally unheated and untreated in a lab. In comparison to other precious stones like emerald, best quality yellow sapphire has less natural inclusions. Despite this fact, it is not easy to find a stone with visible clarity.

Yellow sapphire is type II clarity gemstone that comes with small inclusions in the shape of fingerprints or light feathers. When assessing the clarity of such stones, you need to find an eye-clean gem. But, most importantly, the final value will depend on the type, location, and volume of inclusions.

Since naturally clean stones are extremely rare, they can be pricier than other varieties. Remember, a stone with visible flaws is neither good for astrological reasons nor suitable for making sparkling jewels. Always try to find a stone with high transparency and minimum inclusions visible to bare eyes.

Check the Luster

In pure gemstones like yellow sapphire, the impact of light also plays a vital role in determining its quality. Yellow sapphires are known for their inherent vitreous luster which is affected collectively by the cut, color, and clarity of the stone. If you check the stone under direct sunlight and its shines radiantly, it has a brilliant luster and high transparency.

On the other hand, if the stone is dull and does not emit brightness even under natural lights, it may not be suitable for astrological purposes. So, before you buy pukhraj stone online, check its luster properly to choose a brilliant stone.

Determine the Right Cut

Believe it or not, the cut of a gemstone is also an important attribute that affect its quality. The overall appearance and final weight of the gemstone depends heavily on the right type of cut. A symmetrical stone with brilliant cut and smooth polish is highly valued in the gemstone markets. This is because a well-cut stone displays its color to the best angles and enhances the overall luster. But, if the cutter is more intent on maintaining the carat weight, the stone may miss a precise cut.

In the gemstone industry, the ideal practice is cutting a stone without affecting its weight. Even for astrological reasons, you may need a stone that retains its weight and has higher value. Fancy cuts like princes, emerald, trillion, or square cut stone involves a lot of wastage. Also, they need precise skills and more time to get the accurate facets. Hence the prices are significantly higher for such well-cut stones.

Ask About the Carat Weight

When looking to buy yellow sapphire for astrological reasons, you also need to determine the weight in carat. It is an important factor for assessing the quality and pricing of the stone. Carat is usally used a unit to define the weight of the gemstones.

Precious gems like yellow sapphires are rarely found in big sizes. Their density is also high due to which the stones are heavier in weight. Hence, you may find smaller Pukhraj stones with similar carat weight as that of other stones with larger sizes.

The sizing of the stone also affects the yellow sapphire price. If you find a flawless gem with absolute clarity and large size, it may be extremely pricy. So, before buying an original gemstone, ask the astrologer about the carat weight that’s suits your birth charts for the desired outcomes.

Check the Treatments

The stones subjected to intense heat and chemical treatments in a lab imitate the natural brilliance and luster. The treatments improve the clarity and color of dull and pale stones. In fact, a proper lab treatment can transform a lackluster gem into a brilliant and marketable gemstone to fetch inflated prices in the market. You can choose a treated stone for making jewelry.

But if you intend to buy a yellow sapphire to tap into its astrological powers, never fall in the lure of heated or treated stones, despite their low prices. GemPundit yellow sapphire stones are totally untreated and unheated. Moreover, they come with a free lab certificate to prove their authenticity.

Ask about the Origin

Apart from the common factors like color, clarity, cut, and carat, origin of the stone also influences its quality and effectiveness. Yellow sapphire is mined in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Myanmar. But, the stones found in Ratnapura mines of Ceylon or Sri Lanka are the best among all.

They come with a pristine yellow color and brilliant shine that makes them more desirable. The prices may be slightly higher for these stones. But, due to their beauty and mystical charm, they are totally worth it.

Since yellow sapphire is an astrological gemstone, its value and price depends on all these factors. If a seller claims an unbelievably low price for a natural stone, don’t fall in their trap. Pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the stone to make the most of your investment.

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