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Sapphire is of the corundum class of minerals. The presence of trace impurities of iron and titanium is responsible for that beautiful, vibrant, deep blue color. It is an extremely hard and durable gemstone. Sapphires are available in virtually all colors but red. Red Sapphires are known as Rubies.

Blue Sapphires are the most valuable, followed by Pink and Padparadscha Sapphires. Padparadscha Sapphires have orange pink or pink orange coloration and rival Blue Sapphires in value.


Sapphire is the Gem of Destiny. It will bring out the best within you and help make your dreams come true. Sapphires has always been associated with luck in romance. It is said to bring peace and happiness. Relieves mental depression and stimulates motivation and goal orientation. It represent faith and hope. This stone will help you with the heart and stomach and also with stimulating the pituitary glands and psychic centers. Strengthens the eyes, helps take down fever, and can help with nose bleedings. Good to wear for mental health.

Physical Properties:


Sapphire Birthstone

Green Blue to Violet Blue
Refractive Index
1.72 - 1.82
Aluminum Oxide
3.98 - 4.02
Crystal Group

Modern Birthstone: Pisces


The name sapphire comes from the Latin "sapphirus," which means blue. In the 7th Century B.C. sapphire was popular with the Etruscans, and there is later documented use in Greece, Rome and Egypt. In the 11th Century it was a celebrated stone used by both kings and clergy. By the Renaissance, it was popular among the wealthy elite. Sapphire was said to protect kings from jealousy and danger. In the 13th Century it was said to possess the power to prevent poverty.


We obtain Sapphires from Sri-Lanka , Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Madagascar and Africa. Viet-Nam, Madagascar and Ceylon are the principal suppliers of Pink Sapphire. Sri Lanka was the world's first sapphire source,and is today considered by many to be the only steady producer of large, fine sapphires.Kashmir is the home of the truly extraordinary sapphire. Australia is currently the world's largest largest supplier of commercial sapphires.