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Ceres is said to be a dwarf planet that lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It was discovered by  Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801.  Ceres is considered the daughter of Zeus in Roman mythology. Ceres in an asteroid used in astrological studies to denote how we love and want to be loved. It stands for nurturing much like a mother cares for her child. Ceres rules over the zodiac signs of Virgo and Cancer which together stand for care and nurture. 

In mythology, Ceres was a Roman Goddess whose task was to take good care of the people. In turn she wanted to be revered and worshipped. On a negative note, Ceres denotes a clingy motherly care that might be at times detrimental to the native which smothers them down. Ceres also stands for emotional abuses in some cases. Ceres blinds us sometimes with much love. 

Did you know?

Recent studies have shown that Ceres has salty brines that might make it habitable one day. 

There are also traces of ammonia suggesting support of life.

Ceres resembles Pluto in many aspects and though found in the asteroid belt is termed as the Dwarf Planet.

Ceres’ placement in our natal chart indicates in which area of our life we lack love and nurturing and how we process the giving and taking of love.

Do check out the Ceres Placement in the various zodiac signs:

Ceres in Aries

When Ceres is placed in the sign of Aries, the native would be nurtured giving ample freedom in the household. They are very protective of their immediate family. They are assertive and are physically active. They do not like to be dominated in relationships as they are very fierce and bold. They act according to their gut instincts. Generally they are not much smothered upon as they take an independent lead even from an young age. They are allowed to be empowered by themselves. They are groomed by maternal connections to survive the harsh world out. 

Ceres in Taurus

Ceres in Taurus natives are nurtured or loved by being pampered with physical means and by good food. Natives want financial stability and good relaxing atmosphere all to themselves. They are more bent on caring and nurturing their loved ones and giving them the best in life. They make their loved ones quite comfortable. In return, they want  total devotion and dedication from the other side. Most Ceres in Taurus natives however feel let down in their emotional needs. They always want to feel good and worthy in life.

Ceres in Gemini

Got Ceres in the sign of Gemini, then you would feel loved when some one takes the time to communicate with you as this is your major craving in life. Travelling a lot also helps you. The academics interest you and you crave to garner as much knowledge as possible and like to share it with others. They always yearn to be mentally well-informed, intellectual and smart enough. Ceres in Gemini makes the natives very exploring. They just make an impact with their words. They need verbal reciprocation as well and should always be listened to.

Ceres in Cancer

When you have Ceres placed in the zodiac sign of Cancer, then it implies a liking towards the home environment. Natives just nurture themselves and are comfortable with themselves. Food and emotional nurturing means a lot to them. They just take good care of others and the smothered ones are found to be needy on the emotional side always. They easily judge others and what they need in life. They nurture others by their material, physical and emotional strengths. Especially they make great emotional buddies, they are a good shoulder to rest on. They have a mother figure and do not like others caring for them though. They mostly rely on their intuition.

Ceres in Leo

When asteroid Ceres is in the sign of Leo, the natives take great pride in loving others. They are very positive and lead by example. They instil a sense of confidence in their paths. However they are not that good when it comes to emotionally nurturing others. They always crave for attention and appreciation from others. They guide others in their creative pursuits though. With Ceres in Leo, natives are very expressive and love to bring it around. Some have a good connection with their roots and traditions. They love to be loved back though that is not always their agenda. They constantly need a  review of their works though and when not appreciated they might feel small and let down.

Ceres in Virgo

When Ceres is found in the zodiac sign of Virgo, it implies nurturing of others without any expectations. They always want to help others and like details. They are good critics of their works as well. Service to others would be their forte though the aspiration to becoming perfect in everything might break them down at times. Good food, better health and quality life are what they want for themselves and for their loved ones. They work and nurture in an efficient way. They just connect the dots in other’s lives. They always have a practical approach to any problem and are sensitive and critical as well. When they are  showered with love, acceptance and devotion they reciprocate the same. In some cases, they tend to overdo things that others might feel being too much irritated or criticised for.

Ceres in Libra

Ceres in Libra is all about loving and nurturing others in the small  and subtle things of their lives. Their works are related to beauty and they just care for others. They tread  towards having a good relationship in life. Good manners and being sensitive to the needs of fellow people is also emphasized with this placement. Ceres in Libra also makes the natives indulge in the luxuries of life like good food and fine living. They love to be surrounded by things that are beautiful. However Ceres in Libra sometimes makes the native forget about him or her. 

Ceres in Scorpio

With Ceres in Scorpio, the natives are more bent towards nurturing the intimate parts of their lives. They love dark secrets and mysteries. They like to heal others and in turn would like to transform the lives of people. Their love connections are usually very deep-rooted.  Natives however might be jealous or over-possessive that might mar their relationships when they feel they are not loved. They are also found to be stubborn and arrogant which further makes things worse. They just love their connections to be long-lasting and any sort of isolation or solitude would wear them down both physically and mentally, not to say the least, quite emotionally.

Ceres in Sagittarius

When Ceres is in Sagittarius, the native just shudders off from the nurturing part. They just want the others around to do it. However they are good in sharing their fun, adventure and wisdom to show their love and affection. Natives make good teachers and counsellors. They bring about a sense of positive energy around and engage in social issues and try to solve them. They would be happy when they are given the freedom to explore life all by themselves. Ceres in Sagittarius natives usually embrace different cultures quite easily without much hassles. They have an authoritative figure and use the same to nurture those around. Natives generally stay away from taking much responsibility or risks on their part.

Ceres in Capricorn

Ceres in Capricorn natives feel loved when they are organised and in control of the situations around. They take responsibilities on their shoulders and encourage others to do so. However these natives are tough to handle major changes or transformations that come their way. Doing well in life and achieving their set targets usually stress them out. Natives do provide an orderly structure to others to follow. They are good in guiding others towards success and goals. Relying on ethical practices would weigh the natives down sometimes. Though they are not known for sweet talk they are practically caring and loving. Ceres in Capricorn natives have a household that is built on morals and values. 

Ceres in Aquarius

With Ceres in Aquarius, the natives revel in friendships. They are attracted towards the stranger things in life. They hate solitude of sorts and dislike the feeling of being all to themselves. They are generally not much emotional and intimate in relationships though. Bringing about justice in the society is what they strive for. Though they love to serve others, they want their fair share of freedom and independence too. Natives with this placement are usually very unconventional. No type of emotional clinging works for them. Ceres in Aquarius gives a philanthropic touch to the natives that they engage in social and charity works with much ease. 

Ceres in Pisces

Ceres in Pisces natives are fully made up of emotions. They understand the emotional needs of others around and nurture or love them by their compassions. They love fantasy and dream a lot that when left alone would find themselves stressed out. Natives are selfless folks for who acceptance of the self would be a trouble many times. They are good healers of the society. They patiently heed to the needs of those going through hardships. However some of them turn out vulnerable. They have a great sense of love that sometimes they forget their own needs. They yearn for relationships that are comforting, settling and soothing.

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