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Pallas also called as Pallas Athena is an asteroid that rules over law, creativity and intelligence in astrological studies. According to Greek Mythology, Athena is a Goddess who slew a giant by name Pallas in order to protect the city of Athens. In Roman mythology, she is called by the name of Minerva.

Pallas in the natal chart indicates what motivates you in life, where you show your wisdom and how well you confront challenges in life. Though the major planets indicate these traits of ours according to their placement in our natal chart, it is the position of Pallas that can be taken into account when you go on a micro level study.

Pallas is a very small asteroid that lies between Mars and Jupiter and is found next to the asteroid Ceres. It is the third largest asteroid after Vesta and Ceres. It is represented by the sign of a spear which is a diamond placed above a cross. Pallas is known for its strategy. Our mental ability and capacity are also indicated by the placement of Pallas. It helps us in making quick judicial decisions. When we encounter a problem, Pallas guides us in either solving the same or arrive at a consensus.

Of late Pallas has been associated with determining the relationship between a father and his daughter and also in sex role challenges encountered in recent times. Want to know how you fare in creative intelligence and strategic thinking, then check out the placement of Pallas Athena in your natal chart.

Pallas in the Zodiac Signs

Pallas in Aries

If you have Pallas in the zodiac sign of Aries, then you would be able to solve difficulties with ease. Your solution might be different but you like different approaches and do not remain idle. You are very creative and any sort of competition just thrills you. You like to fight it out and is good in handling group issues.

You just like moving around and any amount of stagnation hits your though process quite hard. However one negative of this placement of Pallas is that natives with all pomp start a project but lose the steam in the middle and do not complete the entire task. When there are delays and hindrances for your projects you just abandon it. You are not much good in planning or organizing the entire series through. But then this placement gives you much strength, courage and determination to fight just about any battle you come across in life.

Pallas in Taurus

Got Pallas in the sign of Taurus, then you reach to the depth of any problem you come across, you do not face it head-on at the first instant. You take time, would weigh the pros and cons and you are very patient and methodical in handling problems. You simply rely on common sense and logic. You use all your senses in all possible ways in your approach to a problem. You would also look for past patterns and would make a good judge of issues.

Pallas in Taurus makes the natives quite grounded, true to their earthy connections. Natives are blessed with the skills of the hand. They yearn for security in life. Sometimes they are so much engrossed into the finest details that they lose sight of the bigger picture.

Pallas in Gemini

When asteroid Pallas is placed in the sign of Gemini, then the native would have a very bright and sharp mind. Though their energy is quite scattered, they have different approaches to any problem. Not necessarily intelligent though. This placement of Pallas makes the natives good in multi-tasking and they have a knack with word puzzles.

Pallas in Gemini natives do study a lot and they have a penchant towards languages. However, they are not that good in science. They are seen handling a problem from different perspectives, though sometimes they may not be able to solve it. They are bad in handling boredom and go to extremes when in solitude. They need to be mentally engaged or stimulated always. They have a talent in writing, reading and speaking.

Pallas in Cancer

Pallas in Cancer natives have an emotional or sympathetic approach to difficulties in life. They have good emotional intelligence and find patterns in inter-personal issues. They believe that studying the underlying emotions would help in tackling difficulties. Looking for emotional connections without any logic would be their forte. They are highly intuitive though. Often their gut feelings strike the chord at the right place.

This placement of Pallas in Cancer shows the natives to be quite empathetic on the outside, however they are not usually so inwards. Natives are quite deceptive. They are good in tagging people based on their values and virtues. They are highly receptive to the needs of people though.

Pallas in Leo

Pallas in the sign of Leo is one of the best placements for the asteroid. Natives are adept in reading others’ minds and responding with their charm and wits. They handle people and difficulties with ease and confidence. Natives are usually creatively talented. They have a desire to learn and garner much knowledge, however they are confined to their knowledge alone, are not good in sharing.

Pallas in Leo makes the native good in the art of self-expression that many are into drama and theatre. They love to be in the limelight. They use their charm to weave scenarios that would just entice people towards them.

Pallas in Virgo

With Pallas in Virgo, the natives are very critical, analytical but practical. They are adept in analysing problems and come up with good practical solutions. They break each problem into bits that can be handled with ease. Pallas in Virgo makes the natives good in discernment. They have a sense of calmness around them despite rough seas around. Natives make good leaders too, if they are not into the finest details and look at the overall picture.

Pallas in Virgo natives are good judges of others’ talents and skills. They are well versed in manual and managing skills. They are good in finding flaws and mistakes. However, might become judgemental at times. Overly critical nature might sometimes give them displeasure in relationships.

Pallas in Libra

Pallas in Libra makes the natives to find a good balance in solving any difficulty. They consider both the pros and cons and weigh the final repercussion. There won’t be any sort of emotional attachment to their approach and reason and logic is what maters to them.

Natives with Pallas in Libra generally sacrifice their personal interests for social causes. They just want peace and harmony around. Natives are blessed with good balanced mental make-up. This placement also makes the natives innovative in various disciplines and in particular they have an aptitude for painting. They are well versed in appreciating art and good things in life.

Pallas in Scorpio

When Pallas is placed in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the natives have a tendency to look beyond the veil. You have the skill to reach to the core issues and find hidden and secretive patterns. Natives would just put their heart and soul in solving difficulties they face. They are the typical problem solvers of the entire zodiac placements of Pallas.

Once these natives set their minds in solving a difficulty, there is no one to beat them, they do not retract at any point and their solution is usually the best one too. They just get to the bottom of any issue and are adept in reading in between the lines. Pallas in Scorpio natives are more bent towards the occult and healing sciences. They are good in handling resources as well. They make ideal lie-detectors. Natives however always have the doubt that they are yet to find the whole truth.

Pallas in Sagittarius

Got Pallas in Sagittarius? Then you have a philosophical approach to any issue. You look for the logic in everything. You do not get into the intricate details, rather love to see the whole picture. Religion, spirituality and philosophy entice you. Natives have a strong sense of justice and they rely on good morals.

Pallas in Sagittarius folks have a desire to research any difficulty they come across. They just look for advice but the final say would be theirs. They love to share their knowledge with others. Whether others take it or not is not in their mind, they just like to show it off to the world.

Pallas in Capricorn

Pallas in Capricorn makes the natives strict followers of rules and regulations. They just love to organize anything and would work good in areas related to material concerns. They have great respect for law and order. Problem solving comes naturally to you and your senses are well developed for the same. You are mentally stimulated when you encounter problems or difficulties.

Once you encounter a problem, you take lot of time to plan and organize the ways and means to tackle it. You are good in follow-ups as well. When stuck, you look for previous patterns or signs to solve the problem.

Pallas in Aquarius

Pallas in Aquarius is a different placement where the natives would be either very intelligent or might be completely insane, there is no in-between. Natives solve problems in totally unexpected unconventional ways. However, they come up with just the right solution out of nowhere. Their solutions would be unusual and unable to comprehend for others.

However, Pallas in Aquarius placed natives would be under constant societal pressure. Natives are generally smarter and intelligent when compared to the other placements of Pallas. You come out with extra-ordinary talents and skills and impress people. In particular, science and technology would attract the natives. They are more future- focussed and have psychic abilities as well.

Pallas in Pisces

When Pallas is posited in the sign of Pisces, the natives would have their intellect and emotions inter-connected. Natives are more affected by their past lives and they day- dream and most often live in a fantasy world. They deal with problems so that others are in no way affected by their moves. Most of the solutions brought about by the natives would not be logical or would have reasoning. If they feel good about it, then that would be the solution. Natives always work on an emotional level and most of the times things work quite favorably for them.

With this placement of Pallas, the natives have the ability to heal others by their love and empathy. However, they should make sure that they are not taken granted for or utilized in a selfish way. Natives are advised to keep their feelings and emotions under check and rely on reality rather than resorting to fantasy ideas ending up in dark alleys and drug cartels.

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