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Though this is the year of the Dragon, Dragon natives would face many challenges this 2024. They need to withstand pressure from all sides, particularly their love and marriage life would be affected quite considerably. This would be an unfavourable period that stalls your career and financial progress as well. Lay low and be cautious. Patience would be the key to survival for the year ahead. However, after mid-year there might be some favourable conditions for the Dragons to survive. This can be taken as a turn around with many opportunities for growth coming your way. Always stay cautious and be careful of all your moves this year. Not a time when you can relax, look out for potential troubles from all around.

Career Horoscope 2024 for Dragon

Dragon folks would have much delays and hindrances through the year as far as their career prospects are concerned. Those into business suffer, there would be stiff competition and losses and debts stare at you. Career stability becomes a question of concern all this year. Be careful as to not to get into the bad books of higher ups in the work place. Peers and colleagues might turn an eye-sore. There would be not much scope for promotions and pay hikes, just stay put. Be vigilant about the career situation around and beware of false and deceiving associates in the work place. However the Dragons are assured with stability and they can proceed with their routine works. Stay ethical, be loyal to the work at hand keep working diligently, you would be rewarded as the year progresses. Look out for potential pitfalls all around you, ask for help when you need some counselling. Only tireless commitment would help you to stand tall in your career field for the year ahead.

Money Horoscope 2024 for Dragon

Dragons are asked not to expect much luck and fortune for the year 2024 as the conditions are not conducive for the same. Be careful in your financial planning and avoid unwanted expenditure. Stay away from bad loans, losses and debts. Equally do avoid speculative deals and schemes that promise overnight results. Devise a viable budget plan that works for you and stick to it. This is a year when the Dragons are asked to be careful when dealing finances with others. Do not let your family or near ones utilize your money without your consent. Only hard work would pay you and there are no chances of wealth by luck. Be frugal, but then do not compromise on your lifestyle. Strive for finances that would support your standard of living these days. Dragons stand to gain some money through real estate and stocks. Always bank your resources which would act as a cushion during tough times.

Love and Marriage Horoscope 2024 for Dragon

There is not much to be said on the love and marriage front of the Dragons as well for the year 2024. All this year, you would be going through a roller coaster ride of emotions, feelings and romance. The married Dragons would have trouble communicating their needs to their spouses resulting in rifts, temporary separation and misunderstandings in marital life. The single Dragons need to tread ahead cautiously as there are potential troubles ahead. Do not be cheated on by fleeting romance and emotional moves around. Rely on elders of the family to take a decision with regard to your love future. Though this is the year of the Dragon, the Dragons would be able to tie the knot only during the start of the year, then the days ahead are not much favorable. Do not rush on your decisions regarding love and marriage all this year.

Health Horoscope 2024 for Dragon

General health is yet another sector where the Dragons would not be doing that well this 2024. The planets are just not in your favor, hence a cautious approach is advised. Be careful while driving and travel as there are chances for accidents. Beware if you work in a factory setup involving machines. Despite having your hands full of responsibilities, the Dragons are asked to give paramount importance to cater to their health and that of their family members. Follow a balanced diet plan, improve your immune system and take periodic rest and rejuvenation to better your body and soul. As for mental health, have a positive mind and stay optimistic despite having a hard time, things shall soon pass. Travelling for fun and pleasure and learning new skills would bolster your moral through the year. Let there not be any sort of compromise when it comes to your general health and well being.

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