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Numerology has been practiced all over the world for centuries. According to numerology, each number has its own powerful meaning and energies. The number in your life reflects you and brings good or bad fortune. Surround yourself with lucky numbers, it will bring happiness and opportunities for you.

You are surrounded by many numbers your home number, phone number, car number, and so on. Your car is an important part of your life, and if you choose your car number wisely according to numerology. You will have reduced chances of an accident. Choose a lucky car number according to your date of birth to make numerology for you.

If your car number is compatible with your date of birth then you can expect good luck from your car.


You are surrounded by many numbers, and these numbers have hidden meanings and an impact on your life. Numerology helps you to uncover information about yourself and the world by using these numbers.

You can find meaning behind numbers, your lucky number, and how it can affect your life by numerology. It helps you to represent your inner abilities and can change your life by finding the objective of your spirit. It helps you to set goals and to stay at the right place by evaluating the energy of your town.

Choose your lucky car number according to your date of birth

People usually have some favorite numbers which they want to see on their car. They choose these numbers randomly or to reflect personal beliefs. But not all of these numbers are fortunate for them or their car. 

Numerology is quite different, your favorite numbers may not be so lucky for you. Your car's number plate should be compatible with your birth number, so you can have better protection from road accidents as well as good fortune.

Car Numbers

Number 1

A car with number 1 is the leader on the road. It will be beneficial if you work with or for government. This number is reliable and attracts attention. It is also a good car number for business owners.

Number 2

This number indicates short trips in your car. This number is ruled by the sun, and such a car is reliable, and rarely breaks down. Cars with number plate 2 rarely get stolen or stopped by traffic cops. A car with the number 2 is a real fortress on wheels.

Number 3

The number 3 is ruled by Jupiter, you will drive it carefully. This number provides you an opportunity to advise or counsel. It will bring good luck for you if you especially from one of those whose profession is related to money. This number is somewhat inconsistent on the car's number plate.

Number 4

This number is ruled by the shadow of the sun called Rahu. A car with this number is not designed for fast driving on the road. This car number is great for creative people, not for business owners. Cars with this number rarely have a serious breakdown.

Number 5

This number promotes unreasonable rearrangements on road. Car with this number is good for commercial activity.

Number 6

This number is the best option for most expensive cars as it will give service for a long time. This number shows that you might have good dealings in business, and might be an overindulgence in the luxuries of life.

Number 7

A car with the number plate 7 does not attract attention in the stream. If you want to keep your car number according to numerology, this car number is for you. This car body is very susceptible to corrosion.

Number 8

According to numerology, the car with the number 8 might help you to influence the masses. This car is reliable for quiet riders. This number is not very conducive to profits; you might work very hard and gain less monetary benefits. A car with plate number 8 is a good choice for commuting.

Number 9

This is the last number in a row, and this number means you take quick decisions. If you love to dive fast, this car number is for you. A car with this number does not let other traffic overtake it on the road.

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