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Who is fond of life fun and pleasure?

Who oscillates and changes often??

Who loves attention without any limit???

It is the Gemini.

Gemini All About Gemini

The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini is ruled by Mercury which represents intelligence inside matter. The glyph of Gemini symbolizes two pieces of wood bound together.

In ancient times this was seen to signify the conflicts arising from contradictory mental processes. Geminis establish their relationship between the self and material substance through a balance of

opposing thoughts. This bond may also be interpreted as the link between rhythm and form.

Personal traits

The Geminis Interact with the environment, investigate, learn, know and exchang ideas. The intellect dominates Gemini, and all things intellectual are valued greatly by them. As communication is also of importance to Geminis, knowledge is never a thing to be hoarded. Rarely is a Gemini more entertained than in the midst of exchanging ideas with others of an intellectual nature.

Being the most versatile of the signs, Geminis are seldom what they seem to be. Chameleon like, they will take a stand, voice an opinion, decide on an option and then completely change their mind tomorrow. Nothing is ever written in stone by the Gemini. They are truly a free soul, driven by curiosity and a desire to know . They usually have several things going at once, and within such chaos, they thrive.

Geminis are bright, witty, entertaining and rarely get deeply absorbed in any one task. They prefer to skim the surface of many things, than to get deeply involved in any one particular interest.Even if they do become drawn into something, they always feel they are missing out something. Anything they haven't touched intrigue them the most.


Positive Traits

Geminis are optimistic people. All things are fresh and fascinating for the them.They possess great enthusiasm. Routine is boring for them. Restless, with an active imagination and a keen intellect, life must be lived to the fullest for theGeminis. Gemini analyzes everything. Gemini's are usually affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, thoughtful and superficial.

Geminis are expressive folk, and this they manifest beyond mere speech. Often gifted with their hands, it seems whatever they touch does turn to gold. Their love of communication may also express itself as an affinity for languages. Geminis have a knack of making life a little more interesting for the rest of the zodiacs.

Main positive traits: Versatile, adaptable, inquisitive, intelligent, quick to learn.

Negative Traits

On the turn of a moment, Gemini can become cynical, biting, moody and quickly angered. Inseparable as two sides of a coin, those born in this sign can be dazzling and irresistible or inconstant and irrational.Once something is familiar , the interest wears thin and the need for new worlds to investigate grows strong again. Geminis are fickle. This is not intentional, it is their basic nature to be so.

Main negative traits :Superficial, short attention span, restless, nervous, nervous, lacks concentration, conniving.

Find Plants, Trees, Herbs for Zodiac Sign Gemini

Lucky stone

Pearl - Gemini


Would you believe this beautiful and sort after gem is composed primarily of the salt calcium carbonate! It is even classed as "organic" as it is derived from animals and plants. Other members of this class include coral and amber.

For more info on pearl click here


Advice for the Geminian

Geminis generally have a sensitive nervous system, and don't fare well under too much stress. As Geminis considers danger about as seriously as they consider the rest of life, there is a need to restrain a sense of heroic invincibility.

Geminis are likely to ahve delicacy with the digestive organs and hence they should give due importnace to it. They are also rather inclined to ahve chestg trouble. Hence take care...

Origins in Mythology

The constellation of Gemini has been seen as twin figures by cultures throughout the world, back into prehistory. The Greeks recognized them as Castor and Polydeuces. To the Romans they were Hercules and Apollo. Often perceived as twin boys, the lore sustains that they were placed in the night sky by Jove to honor and exemplify the fidelity of their brotherly love. In other instances they were seen as a sister and brother or two angels, then within later Christian traditions, as Adam and Eve.

Stories of hero twins are also related throughout the world. For the Greeks they were the children of Zeus and Leda, queen of Sparta.The exploits of these twins are many, and all heroic. In their youth they sailed with Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

To the Romans, who knew them as Castor and Pollux, the twins were invoked on the field of battle to assure victory. For centuries beyond they were held as guardians to sailors on extended or risky voyages.

Cultural Translations of Gemini

. Arabic: Al Tau'aman . Australian: Turree
. French: Gemeaux . German: Zwillinge
. Greek: Dioscuri . Hebrew: Teomim
. Hindu: Mithuna . Italian: Gemelli
. Polynesian: Na Ainanu . Portuguese: Gemeos
. Spanish: Geminis

Famous Geminis

Ben Jonson (June 11, 1572)

English Poet, Playwright

Aleksandr Pushkin (June 6, 1799)

Russian Poet

Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 23, 1803)

American Essayist, Poet

Richard Wagner (May 22, 1813)

German Composer

Queen Victoria (May 24, 1819)

English Monarch

Walt Whitman (May 31, 1819)

American Poet

Thomas Hardy (June 2, 1840)

English Poet, Novelist

Mary Cassatt (May 22, 1844)

American Impressionist Painter

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle (May 22, 1859)

English Novelist

William Butler Yeats (June 13, 1865)

Irish Writer, Poet

Thomas Mann (June 6, 1875)

German Novelist

Douglas Fairbanks Sr. (May 23, 1883)

American Film Actor

Dorothy Sayers (June 13, 1893)

English Mystery Author

Bob Hope (May 29, 1904)

American Stage & Film Comedian

Ian Fleming (May 28, 1908)

English Author

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917)

President of the United States

Judy Garland (June 10, 1922)

American Singer, Actress

Henry Kissinger (May 27, 1923)

Political Analyst, US Secretary of State

Tony Curtis (June 3, 1925)

American Film Actor

Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926)

American Film Actress

Maurice Sendak (June 10, 1928)

American Children's' Author

Clint Eastwood (May 30, 1930)

American Film Actor, Director

Alexei Leonov (May 30, 1934)

Russian Cosmonaut, First person to walk in space

Sir Ian McKellen (May 25, 1939)

English Actor

Tom Jones (June 7, 1940)

Welsh Singer, Performer

Bob Dylan (May 24, 1941)

American Singer, Songwriter

Nikki Giovanni (June 7, 1943)

American Poet

Helena Bonham Carter (May 26, 1966)

English Actress

Angelina Jolie (June 4, 1975)

American Actress

Steffi Graf (June 14, 1969)

Tennis Player

Nicole Kidman (June 20 , 1967)


Anna Kournikova (June 7, 1981)

Tennis Playe

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May 21 - Jun 21

Ruling Planet
Mercury - Gemini


Gemini glyph

Positive, Masculine


I think

Communicate, Adaptable

Main trait


The Twins

Yellow, Rainbow



Body Part
Arms, Shoulders,
Lungs and Nerves

Lucky Nos
9 and 5

Lucky Day

Nut bearing trees


Gemini Lavendar

Marjoram, Caraway, Anise


USA, Wales,

London, Melbourne,
San Francisco

London - Gemini

Ancient drawing of Gemini

Small Birds,
Parrots, Butterflies,

Notable Gemini
John - Gemini
John F. Kennedy



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