The planet Mercury is the ruling planet of two signs namely, Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is a very small planet and it moves around the zodiac so quickly. Sometimes it appears as though it is travelling backwards and this is called as Mercury Retrograde. Mercury rules over all sorts of communications and also plays dominance over organisational skills.

Mercury is termed as a planet of cleverness, wit and intelligence. Mercury is considered a benefic planet but under some situations it may play a role of malefic planet.

A Strong Mercury denotes success in the fields of communication, commerce and trade. Mercury is a dual-natured planet. It is connected with logic and hence if your ruling planet is Mercury then you would excel in the field of research and analysis..

Characteristics of Mercury:

Day: Wednesday
Direction: North
Colour: Green
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 25 days
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 10 months
Nature: Mixed
Friendly planets: Sun, Venus, Rahu
Enemy planets: Moon
Neutral planets: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter
Own Sign : Gemini, Virgo
Exalted in: Virgo
Debilitated in: Pisces
Metal: Lead
Precious Stone: Emerald
If well placed signifies: Business mind, Clever, Mathematician, Good position
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and irritative
Represents: Sisters
Body parts ruled: Skin & Nervous system
Diseases caused by Venus: Giddiness, Obsession, skin problems, etc

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