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Health indicators in a Chart

Factors of constitutional strength in the chart:

The health potential of person consist from 3 most important components: a. constitutional strength; b. vitality; c. longevity. The most important factor for constitutional strength is the strength of the Ascendant and its lord, which represents the body and his Ahamkara of native.

In determination the strength of potential of person the basic factors of chart strength come into play. Natural benefics (especially Jupiter and Venus) located in the angles and trines give strong health, provided they are not retrograde or afflicted. Jupiter is very good when located in trines, from which it aspects the Ascendant. Malefics in upacharya houses (3, 6, 11) are good too. Natural benefics in houses 2 and 12 fortify the Ascendant by surrounding it with good influence. The Ascendant lord does best if associated with or aspect by natural benefics, particularly Jupiter. Exalted Ascendant improves health.

Some factors of constitutional weakness in the chart:

The most important factor for constitutional strength is the strength of the Ascendant, its lord and basic benefic-malefic chart orientation. Natural malefics located in the angles and trines are bad, as well as benefics in Duhsthanas (6, 8, 12). Retrograde status weakens even well placed benefics or makes them unpredictable. Natural malefics in second and seventh houses become potent marakas (death of harm causing planets). Retrograde malefics cause yet more harm. Rahu-Ketu axis in first and seven houses weakens the health. The Ascendant suffers if hemmed in by malefics in second and twelfth houses. The Ascendant lord suffers from aspect or association with natural malefics, particularly Saturn. It also suffers when combust and is weakened if retrograde. Debilitated Ascendant also can harm health. Exchange between Ascendant and lords of 6 or 8 houses can cause major health problems. If lord of 6-th house is located in 8-th or lord of 8-th house is located in 6-th, then it can cause some permanent health damage, like scares, damaged limbs or organs, or permanently weakened vitality. If Ascendant is involved in this combination the result may be even worth.

Health Indicators in a chart

Sixth Lord and Health:

Strong sixth lord strengthens health, immunity and resistance to disease.

Health affected by Moon in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses:

The Moon indicates more emotional then physical nature, but if native is emotionally depressed, then vitality suffers. Generally, the Moon causes health problems if located in Duhsthanas (6, 8, 12) houses. Afflicted in these houses it can cause severe health problems in childhood (Balarishta yoga). If Moon located in these houses but not afflicted can be good for health. This is provided, that it is a night birth during Shukla Paksha (waxing moon), or a day during Krishna Paksha (waning moon). If the Moon is afflicted in this houses even such positive birth time factors can't help. Example of positive results, Moon located in Cancer (it's own sign) for Sagittarius Ascendant gives long life and possibility of attainment siddhis in Ashtanga yoga.

Vargottama Ascendant and health:

A Vargottama Ascendant (same sign in both Rashi and Navamsha) fortifies the health of person by occupying the strongest place in the sign.

combust planets and health:

Influence of combust planets becomes exceedingly weak, particularly regarding house they own. There is rule for interpreting combustion, which says: "While the externalized meanings (including various body parts) of house are often damaged when the ruler of that house is combust, the inner meaning (including particularly the psychic or mental functions) are usually not spoiled".

Maraka planets:

Planets located in maraka ("death-causing") houses and their lords are called Maraka planets. Maraka houses are houses 2 and 7. Planets in houses 2 and 12 from Moon gain a Maraka status to some degree as well. Natural Maraka (destruction bringing) planets are Saturn, Ketu, and by some accounts Mars.

Maraka planets for Sagittarius Ascendant:

Saturn, Mercury and any planets located in houses 2 and 7 are Maraka planets for Sagittarius Ascendant. Ketu as a natural Maraka should be considered too.

Houses to determine the health of a person's relatives:

It is possible to read from Rashi chart the conditions of native's relations. This can be done by several considerations. First, it can be done through referred houses, the 4-th for the mother, and the 9-th for the father and so on. The main way to read the lives of relatives, in this approach, is by turning the house relating to them into the Ascendant and reading positions from there. Maraka rules, like the other rules of Vedic Astrology, also function from referred houses. Second, it is advised to keep in mind natural meaning of planets related to relatives (Naisargika Karakas): Sun for a father, Moon for a mother, Venus for a wife and so on. Third, it can be done by examination of positions of different Chara Karakas in chart. That is approach of Jaimini system. For example, Martikaraka (MK, planet with 4-th highest longitude) for mother, Pitrikaraka (PiK, planet with 5-th highest longitude) for father, Darakaraka (DK, planet with 8-th highest longitude) for spouse and so on.