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Chart Rectification

Ascendant is important in chart rectification:

Ascendant is very important in chart rectification because if it is known then a very helpful reading can be given even if birth time is not determined. The Ascendant represents the native's basic way of expressing himself in life, his physical body, Ahamkara (self identification).

Planetary positions relative to the Ascendant more important than the nature of the Ascendant for chart rectification:

Ascendant can be strong or weak, or dominated by other planets. In this regard astrologer must also look at the planetary positions within Ascendant, including various house positions, Yogas and aspects. Astrologer should look at the planetary positions in operation during the given time period. This is the real key to rectification. The following rule should be remembered: Do not look just at Ascendant but at characteristic life-patterns that emerge according to the house positions of the planets that would occur relative to it for the given day.

Chart Rectification

Some alternatives to chart rectification:

There are several alternatives to chart rectification. Horary (Prashna) chart can be drawn up to answer questions astrologically. This may be easier and more effective than rectification. Second, reading can be done from the Moon (Chandra lagna), but that reading will be more of psychological type. Third, secondary brunches of Jyotish could be considered if astrologer has knowledge of them. Those branches are known by name Ang ("limbs") Vidya. Ang Vidya has subdivisions of Has Jyotish (palmistry), Paad (Feet) Jyotish and Mukha (face) Jyotish. There is also tantric discipline Swara Vidya, known by initiates only.