Temple's Speciality:
Temple's Speciality:

The Lord of this holy place graces as 'Swayambu Moorthi'. The Thiruvitaimaruthur Mookambigai of this place is as famous and great like the Karnataka Kollur Mookambigai. In India, only in Kollur and Thiruvitaimaruthur, Mookambigai shrines are seen.


Sani God




Zodiac Scorpio


Sri Mahalingeswarar

Amman / Thayar

Sri Bruhath Sundarakusaambaal

Old year

1000-2000 years old






Tamil Nadu



Anuraadha (in Hindi)

Anusham (in Tamil)

Anizham (in Malayalam)


Arulmigu Jothi Mahalinga Swami Tirukkoil,

Thiruvitaimaruthur - 612 104, Thanjavur District.

Phone: +91- 435- 2460660.

Opening Time:

The temple is open from 6.00 am to 11.00 am and from 5.00pm to 8.00 pm.


In the month of Thai – Thaipoosam – 10 days festival – Brahmotsavam. Everyday there will be the procession of the Lord, both in the morning and evening, in different carriers. On the 10th day, the festival gets completed with the 'theerthavaari'.

In Vaikaasi month – the grand Vasanthotsavam festival for 10 days – Tirukkalyaanam festival, Ambaal tapasu, Ambaal 'thannai thaane' prayer festivals are conducted with fanfare.

IThiruvaathirai, Aaadipooram and Karthigai are also celebrated in a significant manner here. On the monthly, 'pratosha' days, the devotees in large number throng the temple. On the important festivity days like Deepavali, Pongal, Tamil ⁄ English New Year Days, special poojas and abhishekams are performed.

Temple History:

Sage Agasthya, along with the other sages came to Itaimaruthur and performed tapasya meditating on Goddess Umadevi. Goddess Uma also appeared before the sage. The sages worshipped the Goddess and requested that they would like to see the Lord also. Umadevi, for the sake of the sages, went in Sivatapasya. The Lord granted Her wish and appeared before the sages. After appearing before them, the Lord began worshipping the 'Jothi Lingam'. The surprised Umadevi asked the Lord: Why are you worshipping thine own self. The Lord replied that these sages have forgotten to worship us, and hence he was worshipping himself. From that day onwards the sages performed worship according to the 'Kaamika Law' and received great benefits.

Greatness of Temple:

Mookambigai :In this temple, the Mookambigai sanctum is on the southern side of Ambal's sanctum. The inner sanctum of this temple is constructed like the North Indian temple structure. In this sanctum, the most powerful Maha Meru Srichakram is installed.

Moola Linga Sthalam :Lord Mahalinga Swamy remains as the central Prime Deity in this temple, surrounded by other deities. They are: Tiruvalanchuzhi–Vinayakar, Swamimalai-Murugan, Sejnalur–Chandeswarar, Sooriyanarkoil–Sooriyan and other nine planets, Chidambaram–Natarajar, Sirkaali–Bhairavar, and Thiruvavaduthurai–Tirunandhi. This is a very significant feature of the temple.

Aswamedha Pratakshinam : Reaching the temple and circling the inner way of the first wall, to worship the Lord Marudapperumaan is known as 'Aswamedha pratakshinam'. Those who do this will receive all benefits. Before beginning this sacred exercise, one should worship Lord Muruga . One has to limit his prayer duration as one, half and quarter mandalams. The going around also must be stipulated as one hundred and eight, twenty–four, twelve and seven circles. It is believed that the devotees who circle around on the Thirukarthigai Deepam day and during the Thai month festival will receive immense benefits. Next to this is the 'Kodumudi prakaaram'. To go around this prakaraam is equal to going round the Mount Kailash.

The Sacred Place where Lord Mahalinga worshipped Himself : This holy place is situated between Mallikaarjunam Sri Sailam in the North and Thiruputaimaruthur (Putaarjunam) of Tirunelveli District in the South, and is called 'Itaimaruthu' (Madhyarjunam). The Sanskrit word, 'Arjunam' means 'maruda tree'. The sacred tree in all these three places is the maruda tree. Saturn and Moon are worshipped here. To the sage Kasyapa, the Lord of Itaimaruthu, Lord Marudavaanar has appeared as child Krishna. There are about 32 theerthams like Kaarunayaamirtha Theertham and Kavirippoosa Theertham. For the 27 stars or nakshatras , there are 27 lingams.

On the four sides are temples for Viswanaathar, Aathmanaathar, Rishipureeswarar and Chockanaathar and so this place is called 'Panchalingasthalam'. Varaguna Pandiyan came to this sacred place and got relieved of his 'brahmahatthi dosha'. Since Pattinathaar, Badragiriyaar, Varaguna Pandiyan, Arunagirinaathar and Karuvoor Thevar have worshipped the Lord here, this place has become quite well–known. Pattinathaar has sung many songs celebrating this place. The four Nayanmaar, Appar, Tirujnanasambandar, Sundarar and Manickvaasagar have composed 'Thevaram' songs consecrating this temple. Arunagirinaatar have celebrated this place in his 'Tiruppugazh'.Those with 'Anusha' star or nakshtra can be relieved of their afflictions in this place.