Fasting or Vrathas as astrological remedies

Astrology plays a major role in an individual's life and most of us at some point of life are influenced by the impact of astrology. Not that everybody always have a good time for most of them experience both good and bad time in their life. When a person is affected by the impact of bad time then those are the situation where astrology and astrologers come into action with their remedies.

Astrologers work on the positions of the planet on an individual's horoscope and give solutions to lower the impact of bad time. But a horoscope can itself be correct only when it is calculated with correct time and date of birth. A successful person can be defined as one who has prosperity, name, fame and money and in fact this is the wish of all the people in the universe.

Fasting as a remedy

According to ancient Vedic Hindu mythology we should be all aware that each day of a week is dedicated to a particular God as well as a planet. When an individual observes fasting or vrata it is sure to nullify the negative energy caused by the malefic planets and produce some miracles in or solace in life.Fasting is also a very effective way to please or to make the planets happy and their concerned ruling God. When the horoscope of a person is studied with the help of an astrologer he will be able to explain the position of the planets and what are the ill effects be caused by the inauspicious planets.

At such cases the astrologers will be able to provide us with remedies like vrat/ fasting, mantra, yantras and tantras. These remedies will help us to overcome the difficulties and should be followed by the advise taken from an expert astrologer for he will be the right person to suggest what and when to eat when we are observing the fast and on which day of the week for each day is preferable for a particular planet and their respective governing Gods.

 Fasting remedy

The spiritual energy is imparted in the charms or talismans during their consecration and through the faith that is placed in them by those who possess them, it works wonders.One of the British Universities has conducted a study on the lucky charms and how the individual possessing it sees a genuine enhancement in their prosperity. Luck can be brought about by any simple object say a lucky cap, a lucky handkerchief, etc., which brings good luck working as a general divisor and of course the person carrying it should believe the faith placed by them in it.

Of course the other part of the theory is that one cannot totally depend on luck for the individual should also work with it. People may sometime worry about debt and high expenses which will lead to no savings. SO a wise decision for this is obviously to control over the credit and debit cards and to act more frugal apart from the astro remedies.Some of the effective sources according to astrology which is likely to bring good luck and fortune are quite a number in the list which brings positive energy. Not only in Vedic astrology but universally the horse shoe is supposed to be a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Fasting or Vrat for Sun

When the Sun is in a weak planetary position then it results in the individuals with such a birth chart to have health problems like general body pain, cerebral meningitis, eruptions, sharp fevers, bile complaints, constant saliva secretion, sun-stroke, scorches and diseases in the head. It also causes problems for those who work in the Government departments. Fasting or Vrat is considered to be one of the best remedy for satisfying the cardinal souls of heaven including the planet Sun and its ruling God Surya. This way of remedy is sure to an extent remove the ill-effects caused by the malefic Sun and get the blessings of Lord Surya.The most appropriate day on which fasting can be observed for Surya God is on Sundays. One should get up much early in the morning even before sunrise have a bath and worship the Lord of Sun. Only fruits are recommended to be eaten on this day with only one meal which includes sweet dishes, roti dal, milk and gur. It is good to avoid salt. When this vrat is observed in the right way by the people affected by the Sun planet for the whole malefic period then it is sure to produce some results for the native.

Fasting or Vrat for Moon

When the Moon is placed in a weak position in the birth chart, then the individuals are likely to face problems like demise of horse or milk giving animals. Also there are chances of the mother's health being affected by heart diseases. Some of the other common sickness caused by the afflicted Moon in the planetary position is urinary infection, epilepsy, colitis, bronchitis, varicose veins, dysentery, lunacy, paralysis and general abdominal problems. Fasting is one of the best ways to satisfy all the heavenly souls including the planet Moon and its ruling God Chandran. Thus by fasting, the native has more chance of reducing his or her difficulties and get the blessings of the Moon God. The most appropriate day on which fasting can be observed for Moon God is on Mondays. The remedy got by fasting for nine continuous Monday is much more effective for the native. On the day of fasting it is good to avoid milk, curd, sugar in our food and also till the malefic period is over it is best to totally avoid milk. On the day of vrat it is also good to feed cows and crows with rice mixed with sugar. Poor people and the Brahmins can be provided with milk desserts.

Fasting or Vrat for Mars

When the planet Mars is in a weak position in an individual's horoscope it will result in problems in eyes, abnormality in blood like blood clot, brain fever, inflammation of the lungs, mumps, wounds, hernia, appendicitis , muscular rheumatism, typhoid and pain in the joints. Also it results in a ruined relationship with brothers. On the broad spectrum the planet Mars rules over face, head, nose, sense of taste, prostate gland, rectum and bone marrow. Apart from various other remedies like mantras, tantras, pilgrimage to the concerned temple fasting is also said to be quite effective to please the planet Mars and its ruling God Mangal.This way of remedy is sure to an extent remove the ill- effects caused by the malefic Mars and get the blessings of Lord Mangal. Astrologers recommend observing fast on Tuesdays to please Mangal God and on the particular day of fasting it is good to just have one meal for the whole day with food comprising of wheat and jaggery. Sweets like halwa and laddoo are also preferred but only to avoid salt. Fasting for 21 or 83 Tuesdays continuously is said to be very effective.

Fasting or Vrat for Mercury

A weak or a bad planetary positioning of the Mercury planet will result in problems related to hearing and speech of a person, sense disability to any good or bad smell in the environment, stammering, spoiled relation with friends and diseases of central nervous system, etc. It will lead to problems like nasal disorders, impediments in speech, stammering, defects of memory, dry coughs, leprosy, and nervous disorders. Wednesday is the most appropriate day for fasting for the planet Mercury and its governing Lord Budha. Fast for the planet Mercury works best when it is observed both by the husband and the wife and is highly auspicious to be dressed with green color clothes on this particular day. Fasting includes only one meal for the whole day and it is good to feed green grass and leaves to cows, serve milk desserts to Brahmins, etc. The most common food recommended on this day is anything made of moong dal. Fasting is also highly beneficial when it is observed for 17, 21 or 83 continuous Wednesdays.

Fasting or Vrat for Jupiter

The planet Jupiter governs the body parts like thighs, flesh, fat, kidney, liver and arterial system and when Jupiter is positioned in the wrong place in a person's horoscope it will lead to problems like jaundice, dropsy, diabetes, dyspepsia, hernia, blood cancer, liver malfunction, palpitations and even gout. Fasting is one of the best ways to satisfy all the heavenly souls including the planet Jupiter and its ruling God Guru Bhagawan. Thursdays are supposed to be favorable for Guru Bhagawan and so it is also the best day for observing fast or vrata. Fasting or Vrat for the deities is one of the most believed way to acquire their blessings and to pacify the planets ruled by them as it is believed to fast on Thursdays for planet Jupiter or Guru for being the day of its Lord Vishnu, Lord Brihaspati. Fasting includes only one meal for the whole day preferably food comprising of channa dal and ghee. It is advised not to eat bananas on the day of fasting for it is supposed to increase the negative influence of the Jupiter planet on the native. Yellow dress is recommended to be worn on this day and is good to feed crows and the needy with banana and yellow sweets.

Fasting or Vrat for Venus

A person with afflicted position of the planet Venus in the birth chart will not enjoy any material happiness. His or her married life will not be happy and also there will be lot of financial crisis. The individuals are prone for accidents. They rules over different parts of the body like skin, cheeks, complexion, eyes, generative system, semen and digestive system. It may cause various diseases like diseases of the ovary, anemia, rashes on the skin, pimples, impotency, and loss of appetite. The natives who are affected with malefic Venus are recommended to observe fast on Fridays to get the blessings of Goddess Shakti, the divine Mother of all, along with dedicating it to Goddess Santhoshi Maa. Best results are obtained when the fasting is carried on for 16 consecutive Fridays. Curd is to be avoided on this day.

Fasting or Vrat for Saturn

Astrologers by reading the birth chart help in approaching the planetary influences at various stages of life and gives various remedies to cool down Shani. The impact of Saturn is modified by placement in different houses and by the influence of other planets on Saturn. There are lot of poojas and remedies suggested by experts and sages of ancient time of which fasting is one of them. The two most common ailments caused by the most dreaded planet Saturn are Shani Dosha and Sade Sati. The most preferred day for observing fasting for the Shani God is on Saturdays. The fasting starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. Some people observe a strict fasting by refraining themselves from solid foods and just drinking only water for the whole day. Whereas some people eat food made of urad dal like pakori and panjiri, meetha churma, meethi roti, rewri, and kale till. The fasting can be carried on either for 15, 18 or 51 continuous Saturdays.

Fasting or Vrat for Rahu

When the planet Rahu is weak in our birth chart then it will lead to sudden accidents, injuries, phobias and mental diseases. An afflicted Rahu leads to various diseases like rheumatism, cholera, dysentery and nasty diseases of mind and body and sometimes it may even tend a person to commit suicide. Rahu can be strengthened by observing fast on Saturdays.

Fasting or Vrat for Ketu

When Ketu is placed in a bad planetary position it will result in urinal diseases, back bone and joint pain, problems with nails especially in the foot, skin diseases, colic pains, dropsy, paralysis, ring worm, burns, apoplexy and small pox. Fasting acts as a very good remedy for those who are affected by the malefic Ketu. Astrologers recommend that fasting on Tuesdays and Saturdays will please the planet Ketu and its Lord. It is good to feed the needy and the dogs with rice as a remedy.

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