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Aries- Virgo Compatibility

Fiery Aries is volatile and impetuous, whereas Earthy Virgo is practical, stable and self-controlled.There is a great contrast of temperaments here. Aries cannot be bothered with the method, fuss and attention to details which comes so naturally to Virgo although Aries appreciates the results. Emotional natures differ so much that a good mental affinity is vital.These two just don't understand what makes the other tick at all. The Ram is free ranging whereas Virgoans like to anaylse every aspect of everything they encounter and criticise what they don't agree with.
Aries-Virgo Compatibility
The ways of the Ram will intensely irritate the Virgo, who'll accuse him of being selfish, slovenly and superficial. In return, the Ram will say that the Virgo is always nagging and nit picking, criticising and carping. It'll end in fractiousness and friction.Money can provoke problems too.The trouble will be that the virgoan will be constantly counting the cash and the Ram ready to spend it off.This relationship has a better chance of working if the Arian is more of a woolly baa-lamp than a rumbustious ram and the Virgo has been lavished with a little of Leo or Libra in its horoscope.Then they won't be such astrological archetypes.

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