This is a combination wherein there would be occasional rifts thanks to the frequent unhealthy criticisms and nitpicking nature of the Virgo woman. Aries is not one to take advises, if not commands from any other zodiac. There would be arguments and misunderstandings and arguments. However the Aries man needs a trusted partner which he finds in the Virgo woman.
On the other hand a Virgo woman is more than willing to be a service to her partner. As times passes by, life would be impossible for the Aries male without his partner. The Virgo woman however commands respect and appreciation from her partner in return.

Aries Man-Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Virgo Couples

• Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams,

• Alec Baldwin and Cheri Oteri

Compatibility for Romance

This relationship is so romantic. The Virgo woman would bring out the best in her partner, the Aries Male. He on the other hand would be a protector of her and she uses him as a source of shield from outside romantic attacks.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Aries male and the Virgo female make good friends and companions for life. The Aries man goes onto make lofty goals and adventurous tasks while she takes care of the behind the scene minute details of their life.

Compatibility for Marriage

If Virgo is willing to serve the Aries, this makes a fantastic compatible duo for marriage. If assured of security in life, the Virgo woman would be more than willing to take care and organize their life together in an excellent way.

Compatibility for Sex

The sexual chemistry between this duo is very great that sex would be a source of interest in this combination for long. There would be a sweet desire for this act as and when the moods change. Here the Virgo woman is likely to dominate the Aries male which is not a common thing in the outside world.

The End game

Not much negatives are found around in this relationship. Even if rifts arise, it would be the Virgo woman who should call the last shot. However she makes sure that the domestic matters are settled and the Aries man can survive alone. Rating 7/10