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Aries- Aries Compatibility

Fire with a fire is a compatible combination although it produces a volatile, exciting and sometimes stressful atmosphere. Peace, quiet and relaxation will be difficult to achieve. If both people try to rule the roost, disputes and tension will result. When necessary, each will defend the other. your arch enemy-b

B oredom will seldom arise in this duo because both like to be active. When two rampant Rams spot each other across a crowded room and the sexual sparks start fly, they don't waste a second in bringing relief. After about a minute of social chit-chat, they'll drag each other off to the nearest secluded spot.

Aries-Aries Compatibility
These two just can't get at each other quickly enough.The moment these two meet is a really red-hot rendezvous. A blazing inferno will envelop them as the powerful passion spits and sizzles, then burns with an incandescent glow. Desire will be distributed throughout this relationship. After all, Aries is one of the signs of sex. It means that they can never be platonic pals if one finds the other one attractive, because they'll want to act on it. But whether they're cheeky chums or lusty lovers, they'll enjoy doing all sorts of things together, from kicking a ball about in the back garden to cuddling up close in the middle of a field.

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