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Hannah   .   30 Jun 2023   .   12 mins read

Welcome 2024 in style, Sages. This year is going to be a great time of adventure, fun and joy for the Archers out there. With eclipses, full Moons, New Moons and a couple of planet retrogrades lined up in your sign, your home is going to be a place of happening through the year. These planetary events would influence your prospects for the year, hopefully in a positive sense.

As the year 2024 starts, Mercury would be in retrograde phase which was initiated on December 13, 2023 in the sign of Capricorn. Then on Tuesday, January 02, Mercury turns direct in your sign of Sagittarius. With this, you are once again free to sign contracts, schedule important meets, and make major decisions or initiate purchases. After about a quarter-year period, there would be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse that occurs in your 11th house of Libra on Monday, March 25. With a lunar eclipse in your 11th , your friendships would be put to test. There would be a culmination of your romantic relationship or creative pursuits. Shortly after a two-week period the second of the pair of eclipses, namely a total solar eclipse happens in Aries your 5th house on Monday, April 08. An eclipse in your 8th house makes you unique and it would be a wake-up call to seize the period with your creative abilities and love pursuits. The emphasis would also be on children-related events and speculative deals. To follow, there is the Full Moon in your sign of Sagittarius on Thursday, May 23. Full Moon in Sagittarius would ask you to reflect on your knowledge- base and adventure. This Full Moon would be a time for celebration or indulgence of sorts for the natives too.

After a lull of about a quarter, there would be a Partial Lunar Eclipse in your 4th house of Pisces on Wednesday, September 18. The 4th house is the house of domestic affairs and hence the focus would be issues related to home and domestic happiness. This is also the house of karma and would be a good time to focus on where you are treading towards. This is followed by an Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra, your 11th house on Wednesday, October 02. The solar eclipse in your 11th house suggests that your social life would impact your emotional side. Your friendships and gains in life stand to gain attention around this eclipse. In a week’s time, Jupiter your ruler would start its retrograde phase in the sign of Gemini, your 7th house on Wednesday, October 09. This might bring about challenges in your partnerships. As Jupiter’s expansive energy would be diverted inwards, you would miss the bigger picture, there would be no common ground with partner and your relationships would meet with turbulence.

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Then we’ve got a couple of ingresses starting with Venus entering Sagittarius on Thursday, October 17. Venus is the planet of romance, pleasure and social life and its transit through Sagittarius would be liberating us from any rules with regard to love and romance. Following this Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, November 02. Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius would allow you to change your mind and grow on a mental level, making quick decisions as you go your way. And then the Sun follows suit on Thursday, November 21 marking the start of the Sagittarius season which lasts for the next one-month period. When the Sun enters the expansive territory of Sagittarius, we would be able to open our hearts and minds to great opportunities around. Shortly after this, Mercury in Sagittarius turns retrograde on Tuesday, November 26. This might bring conflicts and unwanted drama around for the natives. Use it as a time to resolve personal issues. New Moons are a time of new cycles and when it occurs in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on Sunday, December 01, it sows the seeds of optimism. We allow our past pains and expect a better tomorrow. And then we have the Sun in conjunction with Mercury in Sagittarius on Friday, December 06. This puts the focus on your thinking and communication and short distant travels, and allowing you to be quick and mentally alert. And the year would be wrapped up with Retrograde Mercury going direct in Sagittarius on Sunday, December 15, when you are good to go with your routine affairs after some lull period. Oh! And that is a hell lot of events in store and the Sages are sure going to have much adventure en-route.

What’s in store for the Sages:

• Important Astrological Events for Sagittarius in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Astrological Events for Sagittarius in 2024

• Tuesday, January 02- Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (11th house)

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries ( 5th house)

• Thursday, May 23- Full Moon in Sagittarius

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (4th House )

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (11th house)

• Wednesday, October 09- Jupiter goes Retrograde in Gemini

• Thursday, October 17- Venus enters Sagittarius

• Saturday, November 02- Mercury enters Sagittarius

• Thursday, November 21- Sun enters Sagittarius

• Tuesday, November 26- Mercury turns Retrograde in Sagittarius

• Sunday, December 01- New Moon in Sagittarius

• Friday, December 06- Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius

• Sunday, December 15- Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius

General Forecast

Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac line-up and the year 2024 forebodes some specialness for the Sagittarians. This year Jupiter would be in your 6th house till May last and then shifts to your 7th house. And that promises goodness in your love and marriage pursuits. Saturn is placed in your 4th house of Pisces through the year, assuring domestic welfare and happiness. The year promises good financial standing for the Sages. Saturn would bring in good luck and much fortune through the period. However, Ketu or the Moon’s South node might bring about unwanted expenditure occasionally.

This would be a period of great surprises for the natives. Your energy levels, confidence and enthusiasm in life would be at its peak. Peace, harmony and prosperity come calling on you easily. Through the year you would be making new acquaintances who you reve up your life in general. There might be occasional rifts and misunderstandings with partner, refrain from blowing it out. Delays and hindrances might come in way of achieving your goals though. Take careful and thoughtful decisions that stand to affect your course of life this year. Your love for freedom or independence would be well taken care of this year by way of many travel opportunities to places connected with nature and much adventure is in store for you. Your social status would improve these days. Mid-year is quite favorable for some relocations or job switches if that is on your mind. Sages into business ventures need to be cautious for the year. The finances would be quite satisfactory for the period, do not expect a windfall though.

This year would be a period of surprises for the Sages.

This is going to be a promising year for the Sagittarius men. They would excel in their personal and professional life through the year, though the period would present them with its own share of challenges and responsibilities. Some of the major decisions ought to be made this year, hence rely on sound advise from elders and loved ones.

Sagittarius women would see some new beginnings in their life this year. This is a period that gets you out of your routine and encourages you to pursue your life’s ambitions. Sagittarius women would be getting married or giving birth to children thus expanding their family life. This would be a year that brings about a sense of wholeness in their lives.

This is a year of luck and influence for the Sagittarians, but hard work and commitment would be the key. Do not be short-sighted on success, instead look at the bigger picture. Resorting to wise moves and looking up to elders for advice, would take you places this year.

Health Predictions

The health prospects of Sagittarians would be quite average for the year ahead. Natives are advised to stay alert and to take good care of their general health and well being. Through the year, the Sages would be up with much stress and anxiety that would take a huge toll on their health. Add to this stressed eating and unhealthy habits might interfere with their cardiac health. As the year starts, Sagittarians would be doing good, however as it progresses there might be some deterioration. Beware of any addictions, even for foods that matter. Get ample rest, always rely on home-cooked meals rather than outside fast foods. And stay physically active through the year. And occasional health issues rise and fall.

Avoid stress and strain to stay physically fit through the year 2024.

Take regular breaks from work, unwind to nature when you feel stressed out. Seasonal allergies come and go. Mid-year in particular would prove too much of a trouble on the health front. Health of family members would also bother you. During the last quarter of 2024, slight relief can be seen on the horizon. Following better lifestyle practices would go a long way in blessing you with quite a hassle-free year.

Education and Career Prospects

The Sagittarius students are likely to perform well in their studies this year. You would get the good support of teachers and family for your studies through the year. Students would be able to focus and concentrate on their academics. Occasionally there would be times when your attention might be diverted, just stay focussed. With hard work and commitment, Sagittarius students would come out successful in their educational endeavors in 2024. There might be occasional stress and strain where your physical and mental health stands to get compromised. Your health also needs care, hence take periodic breaks from the rigors of studies. Sagittarians who are interested in pursuing their higher studies overseas might meet with some impediments around the middle of the year. In general, most of the Sages would be successful in their education all this year.

This year, the career field looks quite promising for the Sages. As the year moves on, you would be given more responsibilities and you would be able to proceed with ease. You would get into the good books of authorities and peers in work place. Some Sages are likely to travel abroad owing to overseas projects. With much effort you would be in for promotions and pay hikes around mid-year.

Perseverance pays the Sages with good career prospects this year.

With consistent performance natives would be able to climb up the corporate ladder this year. They are advised to avoid all short cuts and to stay focussed on the work at hand. In this way, your career path would be easy. This is not a time to resort to any risky ventures or joint partnership deals. Businesses would also not yield the desired results in 2024. Losses and loans glare at you, just stay put if you are managing your company. Diversification helps though in the long run ahead. Use this period to learn the intricacies of your career and do good research. A generally peaceful and quite career path is promised for the Sages in 2024.

Love and Family Relationships

The year is favorable for the domestic familial life of the Sagittarians. There would be prosperity and happiness at home. At times, health of elders and children in the family might bring about some down trends though. The first half of the year would go off quite smoothly with family rifts being sorted out then and there. Jupiter and Saturn make sure that domestic cordiality is maintained. During the second half of 2024, natives are likely to get separated from family owing to work. But then the end of the year would bring you back to your fold. Those willing to have a baby would see conception during the last quarter of 2023. Good communication and giving everyone their due space and time would be key to success of your family relationship this year. Try to resolve family issues at the roots without blowing it up. Generally, happiness would abound in the family.

Love and marriage would flourish in the lives of Sages in 2024. But then the year would have its own share of conflicts with partner or spouse. Trying to resolve any differences would mend fences and go a long way in cementing your relationship. There would be no dearth for love, joy and happiness in your love and marriage pursuits. Mid-year helps you to declare your love to your partner of interest if single. And the married ones would be able to renew their commitments.

This would be a time when love and relationships flourish for the Archers.

After mid-year, issues might crop up due to communication issues, have a good talk with your partner and iron out any differences. Some Sages would finally see one of their long- lasting friend turn into their loving partner. Travels with partner would further improve the ties with partner or spouse these days. Romance, feelings and emotions would play quite an important role in your relationships through the year. Though this would be a year of positive prospects in love or marriage, there would be an equal share of down periods as well. Be patient, loyal and committed to partner. A great leap of faith works for the single Sages this period. This is a good year that is favorable for marriages. Jupiter would aid this after the end of May when it transits to Gemini. Marriage with the approval of family members would work out better this year than the one which relies on the love of partner alone.

Financial Overview

Sagittarius natives need to be quite cautious of their finances in 2024. Simply because they would be tempted to over-indulge with their finances. There might be unwanted medical expenditure ready to bother you. Friends and family might start using your resources, learn to say no at the right time. At times money owed to you might not get back to you. However, your career makes sure that there is a steady inflow of funds. Hence make your financial plans carefully and invest wisely. Do not be taken away by the run-of -the mills investment options, you would be losing your capital soon. Jupiter and Saturn favor some long-term investment plans like buying landed property. In general, this is a year when you feel no financial crunch.

Stay aware of financial indulgences as it might bite into your savings in this year.

Sages are advised against buying and selling for the first half of 2024, simply because the deals would not be fruitful for the long run. Later on, probably during the second half of the year, they can venture into this area with ease. Do make sure that you read the fine print before buying and selling. Beware of legal entanglements that lurk around.

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