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As September 2023 begins, Venus the planet of love and romance, hitherto being retrograde turns direct in the watery sign of Cancer on the 3rd. Once Venus goes direct, you may be able to maintain good relationship with your partner. The following day, on the 4th, Jupiter turns retrograde in the fire sign of Aries. When Jupiter turns retrograde, we would be a bit less selfish and would love to help others in need. And then we have the New Moon for the month on the 14th in the sign of Leo. This New Moon brings about a regal and dramatic atmosphere around. The Sun would be transiting to Virgo on the 17th for a month-long stint there. The Sun in Virgo would be less powerful and might bring about health concerns. September ends with a Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th which would makes us more empathetic.

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