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From mid-December to mid-January, the Sun was transiting through the sign of Capricorn, an earthy abode. Capricorn is all about work and goals. Then from the 20th of January to the 18th of February, the Sun enters the watery sign of Aquarius, and this is the Aquarius season. According to astrologers, the start of the Aquarius season marks the real start of the New year. In general, most of the planets governing astrology are said to be in their best placements around this time of the year.

With the advent of the Aquarius season we would be moving from the Yin energy of Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign to Yang energy of Aquarius, which is a fixed airy sign. Aquarius season is the time when winter actually is experienced in most countries of the Norther hemisphere. The Aquarius season is all about finding innovative ways to stand the tough winter, getting closer to the family and to rest better. There are high hopes in the air that Spring is just round the corner and Aquarius is all about positive vibes and  visions. 

As the Sun travels through the sign of Aquarius, our inner rebel would be awakened and there would be a shift in our thoughts from the self to the collective sense. This season asks us to just go with the flow and changing boundaries as we tread ahead with innovativeness. 

All about the Aquarius Season

The Aquarius season enables us to dream about our future without any restrictions in our thought process.

The season brings out our inner rebel, we start believing in ourselves and our ideas and just do not heed to others.

Aquarius is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is a great disciplinarian while Uranus is of rebel energy. These two planets  together shape our ideas during the season.

This season is all about a care-free attitude, where we become more imaginative and stubborn. Though we would be against taking other’s opinion, it is best to avoid any major head-butts.

The Aquarius season makes us more social and is a good time to network. 

The Sun through the sign of Aquarius also enables us to involve ourselves into volunteering and charity works.

With winter still lurking around, this is an ideal time, to get ample rest and to store energy for the ensuing Spring season.

The planets of love namely, Mars and Venus would be greatly aligned as Sun transits through Aquarius, this brings about much romance in our lives for the season.

The season makes us more altruistic, lessens our anger and helps us to forge harmony around in our environment.

What does the Aquarius season mean for the zodiac signs and  how they can navigate it:


Aries is a fiery energy that is quite impulsive and tough. But then the season Aquarius calls them for deep introspection and slowing down. The Sun through the watery sign cools them. Natives get motivated to prove their mettle these days. During the season, your vibes would be perfectly aligned with adventure and you just don’t care about opinions around.


Taurus, an earthy sign is promised goodness in their academics and career during the Aquarius season. This is a time, when they are loaded with much energy to pursue their professional  and educational aspirations. Though you are always stable and comfortable in your current position, this season helps you to get our of your comfort zone and make rebellious moves much against your forte though.


The Aquarius season brings about much  adventure and fun in the lives of the Geminis. They would be motivated towards working in achieving their dreams. It is a time to garner much knowledge which in turn makes them more productive for the long run. This season also makes the Gemini folks more creative and innovative in their moves.


Cancers share the water energy much like the Aquarius. As Sun transits through this watery sign, the Cancers would be imbibed with much confidence and positivity like never before. They would be able to believe in themselves more. This season brings about major changes in the life of Cancers. There would be a major emotional upheaval as well around the Aquarius season for the Crabs.


The Aquarius season is an ideal time to get relationships forward in case of the roaring Leos. The period of Capricorn would have bought some sluggishness in your relationships, and now is the time to get it ahead. During this season, you would be able to launch some past links that did not work out well then. The Aquarius season also would bring out the creative and artistic talents of a Leo and push them into the limelight.


The season of Aquarius engages the Virgos on self –based activities. Now the vibe around would be very positive bringing out their best. They can best pamper themselves these days. This season urges the Virgos to self-evaluate if their life is on the right track and if not take a detour. This is a period that is more of a “me-time” for the finicky and critical Virgos out there.


With the season of their complimentary sign of Aquarius in, the Libras would enjoy the best in their social lives during the season. This is a time when they tend to spend more time with family and friends rather than with the outside world. A negative of this season, is that Libras might be made to speak or act harshly against the will of others around which ought to be avoided at all costs. But for this, it would be a season of tranquillity.


The Aquarius season would be a time that brings about major transformations in the lives of Scorpios. This is a season when some of the darkest secrets that you were vying to get into are out. As the Sun treads through the sign of Aquarius, you would be urged to prune your relationships and forge ahead with just your well-wishers.


The season of Aquarius is a time when the winter slowly starts to eat its way into our lives, however it brings out fun and adventure in the lives of the Sagittarians. Their creativeness would also be brought out. They would not be afraid of anything under the Sun during this season and would work towards their values in life.


With the Sun just coming out of your sign and into Aquarius, all your past periods of work and effort would slowly start to yield fruits. Even your routine slog would be made more enjoyable these days. Initially there might be some hindrances for your pursuits, however you would come out successful as the Sun slowly forges ahead through the  sign of Aquarius.


With the Sun in your sign, this is your period, Aquarius. This season would be all about courage and innovation. All your past setbacks would now gain solid ground. There would be a fresh surge of energy and there would be nothing that can stop you from attaining success.


The season of Aquarius awakens the Pisces folks quite spiritually. During this time, natives would be taken away from the materialistic realm and into an inner enlightenment and awakening. They would be highly intuitive around this time which in turn helps them to get a better analysis of their self-worth. Most natives would be off on mystic travels during the Aquarius season.

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