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Welcome to year 2024 Libras, where you would see a perfect balance of events that support your overall performance in life. Despite being the only inanimate sign among the zodiac signs, this would be a period of much animations with planetary events dotting your sky through the year.

The Mighty Lions would have a royal treat in the year 2024. This year would give the Leos the usual planetary treat that comprising the eclipses, the New Moons and the Full Moons, certain conjunctions and the like. The planetary ingresses sure would hold sway over the life of the natives as well for this season. Have a look at the events that are lined up for your zodiac sign through the year.

On Thursday, January 25 there would be a full Moon in your sign. The Full Moon in Leo is a time to find out what in life makes you shine and embrace that without any fear or inhibitions. This Full Moon would teach you to love others unconditionally. Then on Monday, March 25 a Lunar Eclipse takes place in the sign of Libra. This would be an eclipse in your 3rd house and it would interfere with your communication and your relationship with siblings. During this Lunar Eclipse, Leos would feel a conflict between their ego and selflessness. It is best to follow your conscience around the eclipse days. And then after a couple of weeks following the Lunar Eclipse there would be a Solar eclipse in the sign of Aries on Monday, April 8. Aries is your 9th house which rules over your paternal relationship and higher studies prospects. Brace yourself for some major breakthroughs and exciting opportunities dear Leo as the Aries solar eclipse activates your 9th house.

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As July 2024 starts, be ready to handle some major transits into your sign. The month starts with Mercury entering Leo on Tuesday, July 02. This transit of Mercury into your zodiac sign would improve your financial status. There would be better profits in your business, however health needs to be taken care of. Following Mercury, Venus enters Leo on Thursday, July 11. Venus’ transit into Leo would provide the Leo natives with great benefits in life. Personally natives become more appealing, there would be a magnetism around you attracting people with your charm. On Monday, July 22 the Sun enters the sign of Leo, marking the start of the Leo season that extends till the middle of August 2024. During the Sun transit, Leos would have a fun time. They would be more generous and tolerant towards others with the limelight shining upon them. And there is a New Moon due in your sign on Sunday, August 04. The Leo New Moon is a time to feel who you are, find out what you want to be and to accept yourself for who you are. It is also an apt time to express your souls’ deepest desires.

As for planetary aspects that are due in your sign, there are no major events but for the conjunction (0 deg) of Sun and Mercury on Monday, August 19. This conjunction would give a fillip to your creative energy and self-confidence levels. You would get more assertive and expressive around the date of conjunction. Leos would also do well in communication and any sort of negotiating deals. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, your 8th house on Wednesday, September 18 and the Solar Eclipse in Libra, your 3rd house on yet another Wednesday, October 02 would be harbingers of changes bringing about massive transformations in your life through the year. Leos generally tend to feel the Solar Eclipse more strongly as the Sun is their ruler. And Mars, the fire planet would enter your sign on Monday, November 04. We can feel more positive with Mars in Leo as it is a good time to seek pleasure and enjoy life with some confident energy around. Around mid-November, the Leonids Meteor Shower takes place in the sign of Leo and this would be a great spectacle to behold. Your identity comes to play on this day. This shower is nothing but debris coming from a comet that comes closer to the earth around this time of the year.

What we got here for you:

• Important Events in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Events for Leo in 2024

• Thursday, January 25- Full Moon in Leo

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (3rd house)

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (9th house)

• Tuesday, July 2- Mercury Enters Leo

• Thursday, July 11- Venus Enters Leo

• Monday, July 22- Sun enters Leo

• Sunday, August 4- New Moon in Leo

• Monday, August 19- Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (8th House )

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (3rd house)

• Monday, November 04- Mars enters Leo

• November 18, 19- Leonids Meteor Shower in Leo

General Forecast

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign in astrology and Leos make great actors and leaders, always willing to hog the limelight. They also have a soft interior that helps them to win over people easily. Year 2024 would be a generally good year for the Leo folks, however in terms of career, particularly those in business or trade might meet with some losses, hence they are asked to be a bit cautious. Leo natives would better lead an economical life to stand the test of time.

Saturn posited in your 8th house of Pisces would bring about unwanted expenditure for the year despite you putting in much effort and hard work. Hence save as much funds as possible. This is a year that helps you to make some long term decisions with regard to your future. At times, the environment around would make you quite egoistic and stubborn, it is not going to pay you off in any way through the year. Adapt to changes that come along and embrace it with ease. This year, you would develop some deep emotional bond with your loved ones. There would be some ups and downs though in your relationships. And this would help you reflect best on the values of life and help you to get a better perspective. You have good luck in education and career in 2024. Expect promotions around mid-year. Through the year, you would be learning plenty of life lessons. And almost all areas of your life would encompass goodness for the period. A sense of contentment would prevail.

Generally a good year for Leos, but there would be losses if into business.

This would be an exciting year for Leo Men. It would give you confidence and lots of life experiences that would keep you on your toes. Make the most of this positive period of your life. In profession, Leo Men would be able to make a major mark. Do not be afraid to take risks, keep going and you would earn the limelight in due course of time.

It would be a special year for Leo women as well. They should be ready to handle some major changes coming their way. Most of them would excel in their personal and professional spaces. They would command good health and cheer and would steer their family towards goodness.

This year would treat you as a royal, just aim higher and do not give up. You would not lose your standing. Challenges come your way. Do overcome them by taking small steps. Have cordial relationship with all and develop a calm approach towards life.

Health Predictions

This year, Leo people would remain in good health and cheer. There would not be any major sicknesses that they would be going through. It would be a stable situation all this year, however if you are suffering from some chronic issue then seek good medical guidance for the period. Generally the planets would bless the Leos with good health for now. As the year progresses, there might me occasional seasonal issues though. Some natives and family members would be prone to accidents in travel, hence be cautious. The older folks are likely to suffer from high sugar, blood pressure and limb ailments. Positive changes to lifestyle would give them major relief.

The planets bestow good health on Leos in 2024.

Leos are prone to over-exert and this might bring about some health concerns around mid- year. Periodic allergies would also torment some of you. Take health supplements and improve your general immunity. Take occasional break from work to rejuvenate your body and soul. Develop good physical activities that would keep you supple through the year. This year, Saturn might rope you in towards some unwanted addictions, stay away. Do not give way for any cravings, instead focus on taking good balanced diet that would keep you healthy and going for the year.

Education and Career Prospects

In 2024, Leo students should put in much effort and hard work to prove their mettle. It is not going to be a cake walk to crack competitive exams as well this year. Leo students are advised to focus and concentrate on their studies in order to be successful. Though the first quarter would be much favorable from your endeavors, the second quarter might bring in some hardships by way of ill-health or other concerns. Certain family discords might affect your studies quite adversely these days. The North Node or Rahu is likely to impede your studies occasionally. But keep going and students expecting overseas study prospects would be more successful this year.

This year would pave way for success in the career field of Leos. Through the year, motivation, passion and a strong sense of ambition would take you forward. But make sure that you enjoy better compatibility in the work place. Have amicable relationships with peers and authorities. Your patience might be put to test in your career pursuits, keep going. Rome was not built in a day. Jupiter favorably posited promises good career possibilities for Leos in 2024. Some of you who are hoping for a government position would see you through.

Strive for compatible relationships in workplace.

For the first quarter of the year, there might be hindrances in your career pursuits thanks to the effects or the Moon’s North node around. This along with Saturn might bring about all sorts of delays and hindrances. However for the second half of the year, the job prospects would be very good for Leo natives. This is a year when some Leo folks would reach the top posts in their fields of interests. Those into own businesses would also prosper for now. There would be much scope for expansion and better financial inflows. The year favors fresh starts both in services and business for Leo people.

Love and Family Relationships

For the year ahead, the planets are well placed, that Leo natives are assured with domestic welfare and happiness. Jupiter in particular favors good family prospects for the natives. However maternal relationships and health might suffer. There might be occasional rifts with partner owing to family discords. At times, natives might need to stay away from family owing to career and work. It would be the best for you as distance would bring in better warmth and concern for you. Be cautious when dealing with sibling relationships, as some of you might have legal issues owing to property deals. Do not act hastily, let time do the healing. Relationship with in-laws would also be not that good through the year. But make sure that you give your partner or spouse the attention or concern they deserve. Towards the end of the year, auspicious events like a marriage or birth of a child would bring joy in your household.

Leos would enjoy good love and marriage relationships this year. You would be full of romantic energy and there would be positive vibes around in this area of yours. You would be able to settle down in a stable and balanced relationship this year if you are single. And the efforts towards goodness would yield fruits for the married ones. Through the year, there would be numerous ways to improve your love relationships.

Those willing to get married would find the middle of the year favourable for the same. On the relationship side, things go well as planned and you would be blessed with fulfilling ties through the year. However the Leos would need to make some sacrifices for their relationships to survive the test of time. Your love becomes more meaningful, interesting and satisfying for the period.

There would be no dearth for romance and love for Leos this year.

Though the first quarter of the year would be uneventful, things slowly start to build up steam as the year progresses and it reaches the crescendo as the year closes on. Though Saturn might cause occasional hindrances, Venus is favourably placed to ensure that your love life just shines. There would be some challenging times around mid-year for the married Leos. Mars might make things worse, however Venus strives to bring about a balance. Natives are advised to shed off their ego and work towards nurturing their relationship. In general, 2024 would be great time for you and your partner and your relationship would be taken to a whole new level. Though issues might arise occasionally, you would be able to overcome the same with patience and diligence. The second half of the year is very favourable for the Leos to get married if that has been on the anvil.

Financial Overview

The finances of Leos would be good for the year ahead. If at all there had been some financial issues for the first quarter, things shall get better as the year advances. Leos are asked to e prepared for some unwanted expenditure down the line. After mid-year there would be better financial inflow. Mars around would make sure that your finances are earning good yields this year. Keep pursuing hard work and you would be financially remunerated for the period. Do not lose hope at the slightest instance of a financial debacle. You would be able to find more than one way of making money this year. Money owed to you or some money through legacy comes for the natives during the last quarter of 2024. Your past investments in jewellery, real estate and bonds would also earn you good finances this year. And you would be able to pay off most of your bad loans, debts and mortgages this year. Leos can expect a downpour of finances during the late few months of the year. However restrain from making investments during this period. Buying of luxury items and dream home is favored for the year though.

The year 2024 is a favourable time for Leos to buy or sell. Stay away from high value purchases for the first quarter of the year though. The second quarter is highly favourable for the same. By mid-year, you could buy anything under the cloud without much hitches or pains. This is not a good time to sell your land or valuables though, wait for the year to end.

Occasional financial hiccups on the cards, be frugal in 2024.

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